RGIII says there will not be a NFL preseason and that he should be appropriate


If authentic, RGIII’s resources have the ideal idea about the 2020 NFL preseason.

When it had been recently declared that the NFL preseason could be decreased from four to 2 matches, Robert Griffin III appears to think there’ll not be any preseason in any way.

Having a easy tweet, RGII composed,”sources state there’ll not be any preseason this year,” in a manner that seems similar to a reporter than a Ravens quarterback.

It is not all that hard to believe . Since COVID-19 continues across the USA, NFL teams will probably see considerable delays in training period during the summer. An additional four weeks to get ready for the regular season in set of preseason games can offer the opportunity to gear up for the matches that matter.

On the flip side, some can argue that preseason matches are crucial to transition gamers from clinic speed up to that of a routine NFL game. They’ve often been especially valuable for coaches in assessing their players while also providing chances for unproven players on the roster. Removing those chances could have severe repercussions on the normal season.

How can the NFL respond with no preseason as Robert Griffin III suggests?

The argument is one of many complications of trying to run an NFL year amid a worldwide pandemic. There are no right answers , but cutting on the preseason could possibly be one of these.

Throwing players to the normal season directly from training is a huge gamble. In case it offers the time for gamers to safely prepare to the regular season, then it could possibly be well worth it though. And it could be a much larger risk to leap into NFL games once the health hazard is much greater than the significance of the outcome, which has never really mattered much in the first location.


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