Patrick Mahomes resembles Tiger Woods sinking this mad putt (Video)


It has been a fantastic week for Patrick Mahomes.

Can there be anything Patrick Mahomes is not great at? Days after registering for the contract in sports history, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback revealed he is also pretty good about the hyperlinks.

Mahomes was practicing beforehand of his round in the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe that starts on July 10, softly draining a putt which was reminiscent of somebody on the PGA Tour. And while I am eager to see Tiger Woods at the next week’s Memorial Tournament, Mahomes might have the ability to hang with him at least the front nine to a fantastic day.

Along with being the best quarterback in the NFL, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is also a excellent golfer, because he showed off sinking this mad putt.

Mahomes was a three-sport celebrity at Whitehouse High School in which it seemed like he would follow in his dad’s footsteps and pursue a professional baseball career, however he was also the best basketball player in his staff andalso, he had been a fairly good football player also.

Included in this mega-extension Mahomes signed which will lock him up with all the Chiefs to another 12 years after devoting the two years remaining on his rookie dealhe can not do much physical action before 2031.

Mahomes joked he can not play basketball or do anything such as ride a jet ski which may possibly leave the half-billion-dollar guy with a injury. But golf is just one of the safest sports Mahomes can playwith. There is no touch and it satisfies that aggressive desire all fantastic athletes possess.

With putts such as this, you need to wonder whether Mahomes could select up golf as a serious interest and make a rush at engaging in more Pro-Am tournaments such as the ACC prior to heading the Tony Romo course and seeking to make the cut tournaments and make your excursion card.

And would not you know it, Romo is the betting favorite to win this weekend?

It could be worth throwing a few bucks down Mahomes because he has never been frightened of becoming the underdog, and because he revealed during the postseason this past year, he is pretty great when he drops behind early. Therefore don’t be dismayed if he is a couple of strokes off the lead after Friday.

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