No, Ezekiel Elliott was not high on his Twitch live flow


Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t high on a new live flow, regardless of what people originally believed. 

It has not been the greatest of weeks for Ezekiel Elliott. While he is no stranger to offseason headlines, the celebrity Dallas Cowboys running back has tested positive for the coronavirus, and has been sued for centuries following his pool cleaner asserted that his dogs assaulted.

The demanding stretch for Zeke looked as though it had been ongoing on Monday, if the former Ohio State star was on a live stream, but forgot to finish things. A first knee-jerk premise after viewing the movie was on top of everything else happening in his lifetime, he’d only allow the whole world know he had been high.

“Oh Bro I am low key faded bro,” Zeke is listen from the movie saying to his audiences. “Oh , I did not even finish my flow ”

Not too fast, however.

Ezekiel Elliott was not high on his Twitch flow, that is not exactly what’disappeared’ way

His remarks were shot by some to imply he was large. This, nevertheless, does not at all appear to be the situation.

Zeke took to Twitter to clean the atmosphere, so to speak.

As for how he is feeling with the season coming, there is nothing faded about exactly what he will be bringing into the area.

Last week,” Elliott stated he was feeling great, but needed to wait for just a tiny bit more time to exercise and get ready for the upcoming soccer season. The Cowboys will require him if they would like to attempt to move on another deep run in the playoffs. Dak Prescott’s contract play appears to be subsiding for the time , and new head coach Mike McCarthy is trying to prove he could make a winner without even Aaron Rodgers.

However, however, perhaps next time turn off the computer and do this a bit more softly.


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