Nelson Agholor looking like Raiders dream vulture


The Raiders have greater wide receiver depth now, but Nelson Agholor may become a bane of dream owners’ presence.

Give the Las Vegas Raiders a charge. They had help a wide receiver, which that they utilized the 12th overall selection on Henry Ruggs and followed by decoding two broader receivers (Lynn Bowden, Bryan Edwards). They supplemented their thickness before that by registering Nelson Agholor to some one-year bargain in free agency.

Bowden is in line to be utilized as a multi-faceted weapon. If you wrote out the wide receiver depth chart for the Raiders, with no obvious No. 1, then it may look something like this then.

Tyrell Williams
Hunter Renfrow

In five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Agholor topped 40 catches in a season . In 2017 he’d 62 receptions for 768 yards and eight touchdowns, also in 2018 he’d 64 grabs for 736 yards and four scores. In regular fantasy scoring that he had been WR22 (2017) and WR40 (2018). At another 3 seasons he had been a non-entity, in dream and real life.

Nelson Agholor may be a remarkably annoying dream vulture

Vic Tafur of this Athletic has provided this nugget from early in camp.

Chat of fantasy vultures generally centers around touchdowns and much more the running game, with running backs and quarterbacks. There could be a tight end touchdown vulture that chooses a remarkable chunk of scores from his teammates occasion.

However, Agholor has been indicated as a dream vulture in wide receiver to the Raiders, doing only enough to reduce Ruggs, Williams and Renfrow especially. It’s simple to go a bit farther and see a few negative effect on tight ends Darren Waller and Jason Witten in addition to the passing game opportunities of running back Josh Jacobs.

Let us say all of the Raiders wide receivers remain fit, however Agholor gets to 50 goals this season (a shade more than three per match ) and ends up with 30 captures along with a couple of scores. Whatever goes to him is a chance Ruggs, Williams, Waller, Jacobs, Renfrow or even Edwards will not get, and these Agholor plays will obviously be reduced in effect. And that leaves apart using a milquetoast quarterback like Derek Carr, that decreases the ceiling for each Raiders pass .

Fantasy-wise, Agholor is to Vegas’ passing match what Carlos Hyde is lined up in order to Chris Carson from the Seattle Seahawks’ backfield — maybe not effective enough to give fantasy value by himself, yet doing enough to siphon purposeful chances from other people. Agholor may then be viewed on the section of NFL Network’s weekday dream series”That Helps nobody,” but anybody who drafts Ruggs, Williams etc. will probably be hoping he is not a routine.

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