Jay Cutler, viral Instagram celebrity, on the hunt for a chicken serial killer


Jay Cutler is outside to locate a barbarous chicken serial killer in his house.

When you place Jay Cutler in the front of a camera, the many amazing things happen.

The former Chicago Bears and Vanderbilt Commodores quarterback wowed us for many years with his howitzer of a ideal arm and his overall nonchalantness for pretty much anything under sunlight. You either love or hate him, there’s absolutely no middle ground with Cutler. And you are never going to think what this viral Instagram celebrity has for us with this fine Wednesday evening.

Okay, so let us attempt to generate some sense from the chicken mess. Fundamentally, Cutler is a guy of his property nowadays. He’s recognized there’s a barbarous chicken serial-killing monster hunting hens on his or her property. Cutler has grown tired of his feathered friends getting hunted for game.

He thought it might be a coyote, a bobcat or even…an inside job?

Yes, Cutler has not ruled out Thelma the Cat since”Thelma is a barbarous with loose morals” That is the reason Cutler should be on tv . He does not have to be on a reality show together with his ex-wife, as he is the catalyst of a Nielsen Rating. We are a little depressed these days he did not combine Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis at the No. 2 stall FOX a couple of years back. We missed out.

Jay Cutler will come across the vicious killer of the cherished lawn tractors.

So what’s Cutler’s strategy to rescue the lives of his cows? He intends to call up his poultry man, Blake, since let us be true, why would not Culter possess a”poultry man” called Blake to help him out?

Cutler intends to see the entire thing unfold from his treehouse outside in the space. His documentation of the chicken serial killer search is on this Instagram.

Turns out, climate is definitely going to become a variable, because his sacred treehouse was not constructed to be appreciated in the rain. It is one of these open-air treehouses such as Brennan Huff and Dale Doback had pleasure at at Dr. Doback along with Nancy’s home. Too bad it is not a ship, and it is only a treehouse.

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It’ll be nightfall shortly and we are going to learn who’s eating most of Cutler’s cows. This needs to be the most expected search for a serial killer because Hannibal Lecter assisted Clarice Starling capture”Buffalo Bill” a.k.a. Jame Gumb. Hopefully, there’ll be a Silence of the Hens so Cutler will find some shuteye and completely appreciate his retirement and newfound single life in this pandemic. He is a hero!

Cutler showed more enthusiasm for his cows than he did to the Bears, Broncos or Dolphins.


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