Derrius Guice published after being charged with domestic violence


Derrius Guice was detained and charged with domestic violence.

Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team appeared prepared to usher in a new age with Dwayne Haskins at quarterback and Derrius Guice supporting him running back. The latter half of the dynamic duo did not make to the start of the year, but as Guice was detained for what seems like a gruesome episode with his other.

The Washington Post is reporting that Guice has been charged with a single count of strangulation, and it can be a felony in Virginia, along with three counts of assault and battery and one count of destruction of property.

Guice was instantly released by Washington, and several will blame them for behaving so decisively.

Derrius Guice was presumed to have a breakout season at 2020.

Guice broke out 2016 in LSU, since he had been only seven yards shy of 1,500 total yards while scoring 16 touchdowns. He followed up by totaling 1,375 yards and 13 touchdowns as a junior. While estimated for a first-round choice, Washington managed to nab him pick No. 59 from the 2018 NFL Draft, as many teams believed that Guice was “high-maintenance.” Incidents such as this back that evaluation up.

Injuries restricted Guice to only five games last season, however he was able to operate for 5.8 yards per carry while scoring three times. While classic wonder Adrian Peterson appeared prepared to secede that the RB1 function to Guice this year, he is going to be called into action once more that Guice’s behaviour has made him a one-way ticket from DC.

Guice’s ability as a runner was consistently unique, and he eventually had a function as a featured back at a run-heavy crime awaiting him with Washington in 2020. Regrettably, his off-field transgressions have left him so ironic his NFL career may be over. Only as soon as the sound was beginning to die down in Washington, Guice provides this PR nightmare to manage in what’s become a nightmare offseason.

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