Darius Leonard shows episode of racial profiling at Chipotle


Amid nationwide protests highlighting racial inequality, Colts linebacker Darius Leonard shown a current troubling episode of his very own.

The protests after George Floyd’s departure have resulted in a national effort by all races to highlight the Dark Lives Matter motion, and hopefully move ahead to better the nation.

While most reassuring stories point to individuals that are eager to turn a corner and admit the injustices within their everyday lives, there’ll always be the alternate perspective. A view which intends to restrict opposing voices — especially those using a skin colour that does not reflect theirs.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard comprehensive his own narrative involving a recent visit to a South Carolina Chipotle.

Colts LB Darius Leonard demonstrated an episode of racial profiling on interpersonal networking.

Leonard’s narrative, which finished with three other African American men, and a single girl of mixed race, being pumped from a neighborhood restaurant is just one heard much too often in a few communities. Per Leonard, a white patron complained to management that the team was harassing him when that was not the situation.

there’s not any explanation for such alleged activities and we could only expect that upon hearing these embarrassing encounter from our African American brothers and sisters, and we all use that anger and frustration because a positive to alter the world we reside. For Leonard to voice his expertise is also a favorable shift, since it shows we dwell in a society in which these activities will not be tolerated.

For Leonard, the very bothersome effect of the encounter was that the perception that the white patron, instead of a 24-year-old NFL player, has been granted the benefit of the doubt.

“We’re tired of the,” Leonard explained. “I am telling you exactly what I go through as a Black man in the usa. Ya’ll do not know what I go through.”

It is those words, which African-Americans have given again and again on deaf ears, which could not ring this time around.

Chipotle said in a declaration that they’re investigating the incident.

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