Alex Smith back practicing in pads is also an amazing sight (Pictures )


Seeing Alex Smith clinic in football pads has to make you grin.

Alex Smith having the ability to return out of his grisly harm is an inspiration for us all.

Back in 2018, Smith succumbed to some leg gash we could only describe as being the Joe Theismann harm of his creation. It occurred on precisely the exact same day 33 years apart from exactly the exact same metro area, playing for the exact same Washington franchise on exactly the same 39-yard-line, resulting from a few of their best pass rushers of his creation while Washington’s continuing Pro Bowl left tackle has been outside. Crazy.

Even crazier is Smith managed to bounce back from his injury although Theismann regrettably wasn’t. Smith was cleared to practice for the Washington Football Team recently. On Tuesday, it is possible to observe several stills of the former No. 1 overall choice from the 2005 NFL Draft participate in a cushioned clinic in the country’s capital. You merely have to find these images to believe it actually occurred.

Alex Smith is back in practice, but if he even consider playingwith?

Finally, this comes right down to his conclusion and of the Washington medical team. In the event the team physicians give him the go-ahead to perform with and Smith and his family are familiar with him playing , then he’s more than pleased to give it a go. Smith is a multi-time Pro Bowler, a former Heisman Trophy finalist and a possible NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidate when he plays.

Smith is setup to do anything he feels like at the NFL when he’ll hang up the spikes permanently. Although he could trainer, he appears supposed to go more in front office job with all the Washington franchise. If he wished to, he can certainly perform function as a football analyst for a significant network, pro or college. This man has so many incredible adventures in his soccer life.

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As for if he needs to perform, we simply don’t wish to watch him get hurt . Despite one leg, he might beat out second-year expert Dwayne Haskins for the starting job in Washington. In the minimum, he will be an unbelievable teammate from the quarterback area to assist Haskins grow as a passer. Smith was a Fantastic teammate at San Francisco, in Kansas City and currently in Washington.

If Smith plays a different NFL snap prior to retiring, give him the Comeback Player of the Year award.


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