EHF Development Committee successfully conducts virtual Assembly to discuss Everything Baseball


The EHF Development Committee fulfilled (via Webinar) successfully ran an online webinar for it’s members to go over everything hockey.

In the onset of the meeting every member gave a brief presentation about their interests within this particular committee. Following the individual presentations, they had been split into working groups, in which we discussed different subjects on the Agenda (previously ).

Hugo Santos (POR) shared his ideas about the assembly”Concerning the assembly of this EHF growth committee, we could see that everybody was anxious to be together to talk/discuss exactly what they love, baseball and their European evolution”.

“We came together and all of us noticed that we must have a couple of steps back concerning baseball centers and that baseball development is impossible if you merely think of leading teams and top nations ”

“We must rethink the construction of baseball as well as the principles (especially Hockey 5) in order that countries can evolve and more significant than sports performance is that the growth of folks playing baseball in Europe and the entire world.”

“Knowledge sharing (that the EHF Twinning programme) is quite important for less developed nations to learn from clubs/countries that currently have a top background so that everybody can develop and learn.”

Speaking following the interview Tom Pedersen-Smith stated:”it is a fairly large Committee, but that is brilliant because it provides usthe EHF, a very rounded view of what is happening on the floor around Europe.”

“We’ve retained the Agenda’tight’ so we could make a difference in areas that we think as a team which we are able to really make a difference on, therefore we’ve got a brief Agenda but have an excellent cross-section of perspectives ”

“We’re utilizing this’dip in drama’ to perform a deep dive to at which we could secure financing so that we could provide on the brilliant thoughts coming from your bunch, so that is a really positive use of the moment. We’re thrilled to have this engaged group and I am very thankful to each one of them for their expertise and time.”


  • EHF Vice President — Carola Meyer (GER)
  • EHF Executive Board Member — Peter Elders (Chair) (NED)
  • EHF Development Manager — Tom Pedersen-Smith (EHF)
  • EHF Operations Manager — Monika Ivanauskaite  (EHF)
  • EHF Youth Panel Chair — Emilie Vedel Blankschon (DEN)
  • EHF Youth Panel Vice Chair — Cedric Vermeiren (BEL)
  • Slaven Zlatar (CRO)
  • Jonathan Bernon / Mark Knight (FRA)
  • Helen Richardson Walsh (ENG)
  • Gizem Karaali Karadag (TUR)
  • Marie Theres Gnauert (GER)
  • Stefano Pagliara (ITA)
  • Hugo Santos (POR)
  • Lilia Ananieva (BUL)
  • Zoran Matijevic (SRB)
  • Minna Makela (FIN)
  • Gabrielle van Doorn (NED)
  • Piotr Wilkoński (POL)
  • Iryna Kharchenko (UKR)
  • Mike Michalakis (CYP)
  • Ria Man / Hannah Bevan  (WAL)
  • Veronika Decsyova (CZE)


  • Twinning
  • Equally Wonderful
  • Funding
  • Condition of the Sport


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