Tiger Woods prepared for PGA Championship struggle


SAN FRANCISCO — The moist, foggy, cold environment at TPC Harding Park on Tuesday aren’t precisely the sort of conditions Tiger Woods is embracing going in the PGA Championship.

However, Woods is well aware of summer conditions from the Bay Area, despite his lack of championship preparation of late, he also made it crystal clear that the figures have been his attention.

“This is what I have been gearing up for,” said Woods, a 15-time major championship winner. “We have got lots of big events beginning from here, so excited about it. This will be a enjoyable test for every one of us. The rough is upward. The fairways are more narrow”

The PGA is your first key tournament of 2020, rescheduled from May due to the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. Open is scheduled for Sept. 17-20 along with the Experts for Nov. 12-15; the Open was pinpointed.

“I have been attempting to prepare the three,” he explained. “Trying to work out my program and coaching applications and playing homework and the items I want to utilize for every significant venue. It is only a different calendar sequence and various time of year.

“However, this really is a huge run for us coming here. I have been gearing up for it, and excited about the challenges of not just this week, but of course the [FedEx Cup] playoffs along with also a U.S. Open and the Experts.”

Woods has had success at Harding Park, going 5-0 in the 2009 Presidents Cup and winning the WGC-American Express Championship at 2005. Much has changed, such as Woods’ physical capability to swing a golf club.

This was in question following a bad second round of the Memorial Tournament last month, in which he tied 40th in his just aggressive appearance as the PGA Tour’s restart after the pandemic shutdown.

Woods, 44, coped with back stiffness through a second-round 76. He enhanced over the weekend but still fought on a brutally hard course and taken 76 at the last round.

While Harding Park may not be regarded as barbarous, it will nonetheless be a stiff challenge at greater than 7,200 yards and playing to a level 70 with seven par 4s in excess of 450 yards) Two-time defending winner Brooks Koepka called it”a huge boy golf program.”

And with temperatures hovering in the 50s in the evenings and probably not to attain 70 for the majority of the week, the capability to receive loose will be a part of this battle for Woods.

“I believe for me when it is cooler like this it is only ensure my heart remains hot, layering up correctly,” he explained. “I understand I will not have exactly the exact same assortment of movement like I would back home in Florida, where it is 95 [degrees] daily. That is just the way it is.

“Discussing a number of the men yesterday, they had been laughing in their own TrackMan [a measuring device] amounts already. They do not have the swing rate or ball rate they did a week. It is just the way it is. It is likely to be playing more. It is heavy weather and if the wind blows or not, it is going to be thick. The ball does not fly very far ”

Woods will need to compete with the cold conditions at least a single morning. He starts play Thursday off the 10th tee 8:33 a.m. local time, together with former PGA winners Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas.

After playing 18 holes Sunday and nine holes Monday,” Woods chosen to forgo any job on the path Tuesday and chose to only practice. Having played only once in the previous eight months — and just once previously 11 championship weeks on the PGA Tour — Woods confessed his aggressive rust may be his biggest barrier.

“It is just aggressive,” he explained. “I have not played much. … However, the outcomes that I’ve observed in the home, really enthused about a few of the modifications I have made and so that has been favorable.”

Woods wouldn’t disclose these modifications, but if asked if he can win this week, he still did not have to say much.

“Obviously,” he explained.


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