Rose Ladies Series suspended because of crazy flame


The Rose Ladies Series Grand Final was suspended on Friday when a wildfire broke out in Chobham Common in Surrey, England and disperse towards the Wentworth club.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service stated 10 fire engines and other emergency vehicles were dispatched to the tend into the flame as golfers, caddies and employees were made to evacuate the region with smoke in the flame engulfing the program.

“As we had been enjoying with the ninth, we can see the smoke from the space but it appeared to get nearer fairly rapidly,” Felicity Johnson told Sky Sports. “We had been awaiting the green to find out what was occurring and [there were] a few fires.

“You can hear it… It is pretty scary if you suddenly see fires and hear them. Most of us know how quickly fire could travel… We only had to remain at a safe space and expect that it may be brought under control”

The championship doesn’t have any audience as a result of coronavirus pandemic and organisers said drama could restart on Saturday morning in the very same positions.

The Rose Ladies Tournament was launched by Kate and Justin Rose, allowing girls the chance to compete because the men’s tournaments resumed weeks prior to the women’s events on account of this coronavirus pandemic.


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