Justin Thomas states a U.S. Open with lovers is’night-and-day distinct’


The postponed U.S. Open is only the second of three big championships to be performed 2020.

It simply does not look like you. At least not to Justin Thomas, who stated with no enthusiasts on website this week at Winged Foot Golf Club — and last month in Harding Park for the PGA Championship — takes away from the adventure.

“[The PGA] did not feel anything remotely near a leading,” Thomas said Tuesday at Winged Foot. “This is a pity because Harding and here are two terrific significant championship venues, particularly here in New York together with the exact ardent fans they have here.

“To not have the ability to encounter that takes off a good deal of a tournament, let alone a U.S. Open. Notably coming down the previous nine and on Sunday, it is going to have a really large effect, I presume. I know I miss themand that I wish they might have been outside. Nonetheless, it’s night-and-day different.”

Winged Foot can be found in Westchester County, just outside New York City, that had been the epicenter of this coronavirus pandemic back in March and April. And that place the United States Golf Association at a tough place with all the 120th U.S. Open.

The company considered moving the tournament to a different place, but very much desired to maintain the championship at Winged Foot, that will sponsor the tournament for the sixth time. The first was 1929, when Bobby Jones won a 36-hole playoff.

“I am utilized to it today,” stated Rory McIlroy, who obtained the 2011 U.S. Open. “I believe at the beginning it was distinct. I have been fairly vocal on the simple fact that it took me awhile to adapt to not having lovers. Nonetheless, it’s kind of becoming the standard today. Look, it is different. I wish we had been playing in front of lovers, particularly here in New York. It is another reception than you get most other areas in the nation.

“Hopefully this is the only one which it is going to take place, and we could return to somewhat normal life and audiences are permitted back and we could do what we desire.”

Last week at South Dakota, the PGA Tour Champions let a few of audiences to attend. The PGA Tour hasn’t said when it could have tournaments with audiences. The Experts in November will probably be without lovers.

“It is not something we enjoy,” Tiger Woods said. “We need the fans, and we need the air on the market, but security is first.

“For me specifically, I miss the power and only the positiveness the lovers bring and only that power. But that is something which I’ve been playing facing for more than two decades. That is something I have been part of, and I have been fortunate enough to be part of this.

“What we are dealing with today isn’t what we all desire, but it is our reality, and it is the energy that is simply not quite the same with no fans.”


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