Jack Nicklaus to shake star winner’s hands


Here is actually the 45th year of the Memorial Tournament, also sponsor Jack Nicklaus has made a custom of awaiting the 18th green to congratulate the winner with a hearty handshake.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, Nicklaus said Tuesday he won’t be changing anything.

“I will shake their hands. I will walk out there and shake the hands,” Nicklaus said through a digital news conference in Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. “If they do not wish to shake my hands, that is fine. I will offer them a fist bulge or an elbow bulge, but I am not likely to provide them COVID-19, so that is — I would not put anybody in this place. I would not do this, and when I had been in any danger of doing this, I would not shake their handson.

“And I enjoy shaking their hands, also. I believe that is a fantastic heritage, but it had been as much pleasure for me since I trust it’s for them.”

He wasn’t asked about his own vulnerability to the virus.

Nicklaus, 80, won the Museum two one of his 73 PGA Tour victories. He made the course and based the championship, which started in 1976.

Since he’s a part of their tour employees on site, Nicklaus was needed to have a COVID-19 test.

In March, in the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Nicklaus issued a public service announcement through social websites where he requested those viewing to take precautions.

“A lot of you children, you are going to lots of areas that can bring that house into some senior citizen. I really don’t think that is exactly what you would like to do,” Nicklaus said. “Let us all be sure we wash our handson. Let us be sure we are very clever about where we go, and once we go, let us try to steer clear of public areas. Let us just be smart. Americans have always been clever, and Americans have gotten through those items, and we are going to get through this one.”


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