Bryson DeChambeau cards 10 on pit in Memorial, misses cut


DUBLIN, Ohio — Bryson DeChambeau had his worst-ever score on a hole when he had a quintuple-bogey 10 about the par-5 15th hole during the second round of the Memorial Tournament on Friday.

To make things worse, the dent took DeChambeau from securely within the cut line to overlooking the weekend in Muirfield Village.

DeChambeau, who’s always made headlines with his ability to push the ball over 400 yards, hit his tee shot to the creek left of the fairway. As opposed to poke at the ball back into play in the rough, DeChambeau, that was 289 yards from the snare, tried to utilize his 3-wood.

Bad choice, because shot flew out of bounds.

DeChambeau subsequently hit a baseball ball only if he managed to discover the prior shot. That chunk, also, went out of bounds.

He had success at keeping the ball in bounds with his 3-wood in his fourth crack in it, however, the ball settled at the thick rough short of the creek — nonetheless 40 yards in the hole.

DeChambeau, that had been going to hit his eighth shotthen discovered his third shot against a metallic border fence. He tried to plead his case into a rules official the ball was in play. The principles officials, however, decided that out the ball was from play.

Certainly frustrated in the judgment, DeChambeau picked that ball up and then struck shot No. 8 on the green. Both putted to card a 10.

DeChambeau hadn’t ever submitted a score worse than the eight to a PGA Tour hole before Thursday’s quintuple-bogey. The 10 dropped him over for the championship to 6 over. He ended with a birdie on his final hole, however, the harm was done.


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