Video: Why Renault Picked Fernando Alonso for 2021 F1 Reunite – F1


Fernando Alonso will make his Formula 1 reunite with Renault in 2021, also will embark upon his third stint with the group.

With lots of alternatives open to Renault, such as four-time F1 winner Sebastian Vettel along with a steady of junior drivers to select from, the group chose to re-open the doorway to the motorist with whom it acquired 2 world titles in 2005 and’06.

Alonso, who will go back to the grid following year in the time of age 39 following two decades away, has spent the intervening years rushing for Toyota at World Endurance Championship.

He contested the Dakar Rally in January, and is making his third try in the Indianapolis 500 later this season.

Autosport’s technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge runs through the reasons why Renault finally landed on Alonso, and also the way the veteran Spanish motorist could possibly breathe fresh life to a stagnating team.


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