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Andreas Seidl says McLaren has been the 2nd most aggressive Formula 1 group behind Mercedes from the Italian Grand Prix and could’ve a better result at a”regular” race.

At a stunning Monza event punctuated by a security car along with also a red flag, Carlos Sainz Jr finished a close second to Pierre Gasly, while Lando Norris crossed the line in fourth location.

But from the first laps Sainz and Norris ran third and second supporting the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton, also McLaren team chief Seidl states they would have ended in these places with no dramatic race incidents that reversed the sequence in the front.

He added that if Valtteri Bottas hadn’t suffered problems with dropped functionality, McLaren had the speed to finish fourth and third.

“A very brief period of disappointment,” said Seidl if requested by Autosport when he had mixed feelings of dropping to Gasly and AlphaTauri.

“We move away from here with a great deal of positives, since ultimately now we scored a few very important things for the constructors’ championship.

“And I feel the most significant thing from now is that we really had a very competitive car, and supporting Mercedes I believe we could say we’ve been the 2nd most powerful force now, which has been good to see. And , another fantastic affirmation we made a fantastic step ahead with the vehicle in the summer months.

“Then even when I look at the implementation of this race now by the plan team men, it is clear to see that we made enormous improvements on the group side.

“We clearly have seen now we have two personalities of this game in our vehicle, two magnificent motorists who did all right at the beginning, in the restarts, and set in a breathtaking performance.

“Great to see how the race group here under the direction of Andrea Stella, functioning with James Key about the evolution side to be able to keep pushing and steering the direction of their evolution.

“The men back home under the direction of Piers Thynne, along with the manufacturing side. They give it all to ensure they provide the components as promptly as possible. Very happy, I must say.”

Concerning the automobile’s speed he explained:”I believe what was only excellent to see is that using a regular race, I believe – if Valtteri would not have experienced an issue – we were certainly in a place to acquire a P3-P4 now.

“Or following the issue from Valtteri, I believe we’d have or might have ended in P2-P3, that is obviously an extremely encouraging sign going from here, and looking forward currently in the second half of this year.

“It is reassuring to find our car appears to be aggressive in all sorts of circuits. We are able to enter Q3, we are able to fight the cars around uswhich is great, and gives us lots of optimism also going to Mugello and into the races later”

With Sainz searching down Gasly at the battle for victory over the final laps, Seidl felt running at the turbulent air behind the AlphaTauri turned into a important variable, although it’s too early to gauge whether the engine fashion principles may happen to be an influence.

“At the finish with what we’ve seen such as now it merely makes a massive difference if you are operating at no air or polluted atmosphere. Since I think we obviously needed a faster car than AlphaTauri all weekend. The difference isn’t enormous,” he explained.

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“And that is the reason we could get nearer to Pierre near the close of the race, but it’s clearly a different story the moment you’re in the filthy air to get close enough to enter the DRS that we did not handle until the final lap, despite Carlos placing everything in he’d.

“Can it have been different with the older sort of motor modes where you are able to adjust preferences, I do not understand, hard to say right now. But we have to say to AlphaTauri and Pierre Gasly.”


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