Ricciardo: FIA would review Stroll Styrian GP Transfer Otherwise – F1


Daniel Ricciardo has confessed that he was”frustrated” after being advised that the FIA would likely make another call in the results of his Styrian GP altercation with Lance Stroll.

Racing Point motorist Stroll acquired a position when he pressured Ricciardo’s Renault and himself broad in the Red Bull Ring’s Switch 3 through their hectic late conflict, which Ricciardo branded”distressed”.

The group crossed the line in seventh and eighth places , and following an investigation that the stewards subsequently declared it was a racing incident.

However, following a normal post-race inspection of the entire weekend between Formula 1 race manager Michael Masi and the stewards it had been agreed that if a similar incident occur again, the possible outcome is the places could be reversed until the results had been made official.

The episode was discussed in Friday’s drivers’ briefing at Hungary, where on hearing which the stewards had shifted their opinion Ricciardo joked he would enjoy back his points.

“When it occurs again now then we would swap places,” he explained when asked by Autosport.

“I believe after the truth, they admitted they could have done something different.

“But after Sunday night moves and Monday rolls , the outcomes are fixed. And you can not return and change positions or anything else. So clearly somewhat frustrated.

“There is a tiny bit of comfort knowing that wouldn’t stick, moving ahead. So I suppose we could take that. However, I only felt like at the moment, it ought to have been more clear, and more clear.

“And a number of this dialogue was around me moving off the trail. But of course, it was not my pick. I didn’t push there for great pleasure. And we discussed it. They essentially admitted they’d do it differently next time.”

Ricciardo states the stewards had accepted the incident wasn’t exactly the same as the one at the past year’s Austrian GP, when Max Verstappen handed Charles Leclerc along with the Ferrari driver was pumped wide but no punishment led.

“It will not help me today, or a couple of days before, but I believe they are aware that there is a difference between that episode and the Leclerc/Verstappen episode this past year, and that is that is the large one, it is exactly the exact same corner,” explained Ricciardo.

“Plus it is nevertheless a very different results of the event. So I believe that they’re aligned with this today, it is different. Initially, I believe they did believe it had been the same, that explains the reason why the first punishment was not given.”


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