Renault in Discussions with FIA over Alonso 2020 F1 Evaluation at Abu Dhabi – F1


Renault is currently in discussions with the FIA to see whether it could get permission to conduct Fernando Alonso at Formula 1 post-season Abu Dhabi’youthful motorist’ evaluation, Autosport has heard.

The higher competitiveness of Renault this season has resulted in rising interest from Alonso from the group’s advancement, and a belief that his return following year could deliver greater than initially expected.

In a private interview with Autosport, Renault team leader Cyril Abiteboul explained that Alonso’s appetite had improved the group’s desire to catch him out from its existing automobile – however an FP1 outing was ruled out.

“Originally it [the approach] was, I push when I push,” explained Abiteboul roughly Alonso.

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“But today I get the impression that he’s really eager to get to have a go, even at the present vehicle.

“Thus we’re looking into the chance to do so, but being really sensible.

“Therefore I mean, I am not speaking about some other FP1 because honestly he does not require that: he does not require the vulnerability of FP1.

“And we want certainly the setup chance.

“However we’d love to view [him in the car] since I could feel he has appetite for this.”

The best way to utilize an FP1 for Alonso leaves Renault with hardly any chance to try out the present vehicle.

This is since Formula 1 testing regulations were altered for this season in the aftermath of this coronavirus pandemic.

Formerly the post-season evaluation at Abu Dhabi was conducted over three-days and utilized as a combo of youthful driver conducting along with tyre testing for the subsequent season.

But with Pirelli’s rubber almost unchanged for second season, teams agreed the Yas Marina running could be cut back to one day and has been presumed to be for youthful motorists.

regulations say that teams may conduct two cars for the afternoon, and a clause claims that drivers qualified for the evaluation:”unless otherwise approved by the FIA, not have graduated in over two F1 World Championship races throughout their livelihood.”

This means that if Renault would like to find the hugely experienced Alonso on board to the exam, it’s going to need to get consent from the human body to allow Alonso in, or change the arrangement of this exam.

Asked when the post-season Abu Dhabi test are the very best opportunity, Abiteboul explained:”Yeah, absolutely. We will need to find out whether it can occur depending on the testing standards. So we’re speaking with the FIA about that.”

With lots of motorists swapping teams following year, it isn’t impossible that Renault might not be alone in attempting to ease the constraints and find some mileage using their 2021 drivers at Abu Dhabi.

Alonso was apparent when he signed Renault his sole focus was on 2022, when a new age of principles arrive in.

But, Abiteboul claims the Spaniard’s mentality had changed using the group currently fighting for podiums.

“At the beginning, it was more about the near future,” he explained. “It had been let us go quite difficult on 2022 and forget about 2021 and write off 2021.

“However, since he sees that we’re beginning to get interesting conflicts on trail, Fernando, he wishes to feed the bloodstream: in an optimistic manner.

“He wishes to understand that there’s something he can grasp.”


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