Renault can involve Ricciardo in F1 Automobile development despite McLaren Transfer – F1


Renault manager Cyril Abiteboul claims that the team can involve Daniel Ricciardo in automobile development this season, as McLaren will consume growth tokens on shifting to Mercedes in 2021.

Ricciardo has signed to join McLaren for second year, as replacement for its Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz Jr.

Although motorists departing teams has, in the past, led to them being sidelined out of being included secretly technical particulars, Abiteboul claims that Renault has every intention of working as closely as ever with Ricciardo.

He states the crucial element in that is that using a new token system set up to restrict what teams may alter for 2021, Ricciardo’s prospective employer will not have the ability to gain from any Renault understanding since the Woking-based outfit should devote all its feasibility on adapting its automobile for a change to Mercedes motors.

Talking in a Renault media forecast concerning the strategies of working with Ricciardo, Abiteboul stated:”There will not be any preferential treatment between Esteban [Ocon] and Daniel on the back part of his conclusion, since it is not the coverage of the group.

“It is not also a requirement, let us be fair, as I am not fighting any tournament because we stand here now. It would make absolutely no sense, and Daniel is going to probably be involved in the evolution process of the automobile.

“With the way in which the arrangement is, the automobiles are more or less suspended between this season and next year, and McLaren might need to use their tokens on the pure chassis/engine integration, therefore no functionality advancement there, which will provide us the chance to work exceptionally generally with Daniel.

“The only thing is that he will not be subjected to 2022.

“But he wouldn’t be anyway, as it is still somewhat far away from a driver standpoint, although a significant portion of our work force is on to 2022.”

Ricciardo stated he didn’t anticipate the air within Renault to alter much as the consequence of his choice to depart prior to the first race had taken place – although there can be a few’awkward’ minutes when he sees individuals for the first time because the statement was made.

“Perhaps the first time that I see some folks in the group there could be that instant of, possibly, I do not know whether the term is awkwardness, but I mean I went through it a few years back,” he explained, referring to if he chose to combine Renault when he had been Red Bull.

“But I presume because time has passed because since the news today, and I have spoken, if not seen previously, some members of this group, I think that it’s really back to company.

“I believe we are all eager to get racing . We get a package of races, and hopefully we could find a opportunity to sort of complete out this powerful.

“So from my side it is definitely placed behind me. It is not within my train of thought in the present time and it will not be till next year. So yeah, we will just get on with it.

“I have spent two or three days from the sim also, have noticed a couple of people around the mill without a black eyes punches in the gut. I think we are all moving on and we are going to give it all to the remainder of the year”


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