Red Bull: High-rake F1 concept Nevertheless the Ideal Management – F1


Red Bull has beliefs its high-rake concept stays the ideal way to go in Formula 1, even despite several competitions implying that it could have reached its limit of functionality.

The Milton Keynes-based ensemble has led the way with its high-rake theory in F1, together with specialized main Adrian Newey convinced it is the optimal solution for maximising downforce.

But minus the problems of its own annoying RB16, that has abandoned Max Verstappen and Alex Albon fighting at times to obtain a fantastic equilibrium, there are hints that the high-rake alternative might no longer provide as much scope for advancement as low-rake alternatives.

McLaren technical director James Key suggested lately that his outfit had been contemplating transferring to a low-rake automobile for 2021 since it felt there might be larger chances for downforce gains.

“While I do not believe the high-rake doctrine is dead , it will force you to step back and think, well, perhaps there’s out there we might be finding in a lower rake,” said Key. “And actually we have some suggestions and ideas on how which may work.”

However, while Red Bull knows that there’s some disagreement about high-rake automobiles, its motorsport adviser Helmut Marko claims that Newey is certain that its doctrine is the most suitable one.

“We are looking into this,” Marko told Autosport within an exclusive interview concerning the high-rake matter. “But because Newey considers this is the most effective solution, we are sticking with it for now.

“The best three, and Max [Verstappen] is one of them, are lapping the remainder of the area, thus we can not be wrong with our theory. We believe in it. That is why you’ve got a technical manager, to set the leadership.”

Though Red Bull didn’t have the beginning to the summer season it hoped , it’s got in addition to the early problems with the RB16 and Marko claims that the group has struck a purple patch as it takes to shut the gap to Mercedes.

“The entire team is really on fire,” said Marko. “What we did with all the fix at Hungary [after Verstappen crashed on his way to the grid] was unbelievable. We’d three pitstops in Spain under two moments. Everybody is on fire right now.”

And even though groups aren’t permitted to design all-new cars for 2021, Marko says that means that additional effort has been put in to enhance the present challenger since any updates will continue into next year.

“The automobiles will stay as they’re now,” he explained. “It is another reason why we’re actually pushing development farther this season: since we’ll get that for next year also.”


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