Pirelli to test Model 2021 F1 tyres at Silverstone and Barcelona – F1


All 10 Formula 1 teams will examine 2021 Pirelli prototype tyres on the Friday of the next Silverstone race and at the Barcelona event the following weekend.

The FIA sporting regulations are changed for this year to provide Pirelli the choice of some excess testing time, since there isn’t any independent dedicated programme.

All teams have been reluctant to conduct the prototypes on either the automobiles in the first 30 minutes of FP2 over both race weekends.

The principles say that sole reason they are sometimes excused is if an automobile”has suffered irreparable harm.”

In the second Pirelli is dedicated to conducting the very same tyres for its 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons, and because of this that the FIA has introduced a switch to the ground regulations for following year so as to maintain a lid on downforce.

Nevertheless the Italian firm still needs to make some alterations to the 2021 spec to build in an excess margin.

“We have delivered to the groups the data we mean to utilize the choice of getting the initial 30 minutes of FP2 accessible for tyre advancement testing throughout the next race at Silverstone and throughout the race at Barcelona,” explained Pirelli F1 manager Mario Isola.

“The concept would be to test various solutions with a better ethics, so these tyres can operate in a lower pressure, along with some different options, with a goal to decrease overheating.

“These prototypes are for 2021, and when we gather enough information the goal would be to suspend the structure and chemicals for 2021 together with both of these validations.

“It isn’t a new job, it isn’t a whole new structure.

“It’s not possible for us to possess appropriate development throughout the season, it’s not in our strategies.

“But clearly we’d love to test out a few suggestions to enhance the ethics considering the teams will develop their automobiles and include downforce into the automobiles for second year.

“The regulations will be altered to decrease downforce at the start of the year, but it’s likely that we have in the conclusion of 2021 a heightened degree of downforce, and consequently we’d love to examine those prototypes.”


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