Pirelli Starts”360 Level” Evaluation in British GP failures – F1


Pirelli Formula 1 manager Mario Isola claims the Italian firm will”analyse every thing 360 levels” following a set of tyre failures at the final laps of the British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz all endured similar-looking front left failures.

Rush winner Hamilton’s happened on the previous lap whilst head top, although the Mercedes driver was able to receive his car securely into the chequered flag – while Sainz and Bottas both rebounds from these points.

Isola claims the reason for the failures isn’t yet apparent, although he implied that debris track might have played a role, maybe from Kimi Raikkonen following his Alfa Romeo endured front wing damage from the final laps.

passengers conducted much more stints than anticipated to the tricky tyre, since the safety car for Dany Kvyat’s accident led the majority of the area to pit laps 12-13, with just Romain Grosjean staying outside.

“We shall clearly investigate what occurred in the past couple of laps,” said Isola.

“it is a little early today to provide you some decision. It might be good wear, since for certain tyres with 38 laps or even much more about this circuit are rather worn, but I am not stating that the wear will be the origin of the matter.

“It may be debris, since we had the parts of the front of Kimi which were on trail, but in addition another debris.

“So that is the reason why we wish to explore not just the tyres having a collapse, but each of the tyres used in the past couple of laps of this race, to know when we find any additional cut or some other potential sign on what occurred.

“We do not wish to exclude whatever, we wish to analyse everything 360 levels and prevent excluding any possibility as it is a major mistake when you make such investigations.

“We’ve got to take into account all of the possibilities.

“What we could do is to analyse the tyres in the race to know whether there’s anything at the structure that has been subject to excessive anxiety, or anything, but that is among those investigations.”

Isola emphasized that high wear makes litres more vulnerable.

“The degree of wear is rather high, this can be a variable, taking a look at the tyre from Grosjean the initial stint. It had been totally worn, and that I had a peek at several tyres coming from the next stint, and the amount of wear is near 100%.

“Then we must know when this is the origin of the failures or not. What’s clear is that if you’ve got a tyre that’s totally worn the security of this tread on the structure is less.

“If there’s a debris, any little object of carbon track, it’s a lot easier to damage the tyre, since you don’t have any rubber onto the tyre that’s shielding the cable, and a few cords are observable on the tyres.

“So that is why I am saying that the amount of wear is near 100%”

Isola declared that using the other race coming up in Silverstone next week it is imperative that Pirelli includes replies. The first research will be conducted on site.

Pirelli is bringing milder chemicals to the next week’s race, however Isola downplayed any suggestion that the decision may need to change.


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