Pirelli postpones 2021 F1 prototype tyre running to after in Year – F1


Pirelli has stalled its own 2021 Formula 1 prototype FP2 running until later in the season so as to take more time to hone the tyres.

In the second Pirelli is predicted to keep the recent tyres to get a third year, however the Italian firm would like to refine them whether it can do this in order to fulfill with the challenge of increasing downforce levels.

Without a chance for dedicated tyre testing external races, the 2020 FIA Sporting Regulations are altered to permit prototype running at the initial 30 minutes of Friday FP2 sessions, together with drivers obliged to take part.

The first such session has been scheduled for its 70th Anniversary Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone and the Spanish GP last weekend.

But, the Silverstone conducting was cancelled following the British GP failures so as to provide the teams more track time with their race walkers, which needed to be conducted with greater minimum pressures.

The Barcelona session has been originally still set to proceed, but it was later dropped.

Pirelli F1 manager Mario Isola states that the additional European races currently on the program at October have eased logistical problems, giving the firm a chance to take some time out and run additional work prior to committing to monitor testing.

“The strategy was in the start to get some tests on prototypes at Silverstone two [70th Anniversary GP] and at Barcelona, however, we chose to postpone for 2 reasons,” he explained.

“First, thus we are able to evaluate a further step with the newest prototypes.

“And secondly, it had been possible because we’ve got an elongated European season, therefore it’s also possible to think about different races following the middle of September to check prototypes.

“Here is the strategy from our side”

The downside is that the testing is currently set to happen at monitors that Pirelli has limited familiarity with, namely the Nurburgring, Algarve and Imola. But, Isola states which may be overcome.

“We have not discussed with all our R&D department that are the circuits which are more representative,” explained Isola when requested by Autosport.

“I am not so concerned about the fact that we visit new paths, since in any situation, we’ve got a baseline, that’s the standard tyre they utilize for your weekend.

“So even when we do not have information prior to going on those monitors, for sure we’ll gather information throughout the weekend, and then we could make a contrast with the prototypes.

“You’re right to state that moving on paths which are such as Barcelona, we understand quite well, we’ve got a good deal of information, is much better.

“However, for me it is better that we have a little bit of time to rethink the prototypes, and also do something that’s a slightly larger step in the ideal direction.”


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