Ocon: Slow lap clampdown “made things worse” for Italian GP qualifying – F1


Esteban Ocon states a new clampdown aimed at stopping drivers moving too slow out on laps really made matters worse in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix.

In an attempt to avert a repeat of their visitors farce that marred qualifying final year, the FIA made apparent to motorists that it’d come down hard on any shenanigans, also enforced a maximum time for prep laps.

However while the protocols helped avoid an excessive amount of chaos in the last Parabolica corner, it didn’t prevent drivers tripping over each other since they began their laps, particularly at the end of Q1.

The most controversial moment arrived when Ocon needed to block efforts from Kimi Raikkonen to find beyond – departing the Finn mad on his group radio.

While Ocon came during the chaos to enter Q2, he thinks that the thing needs looking at by motorists because he believed that the new controls hadn’t worked.

“We’re really much racing for position,” he explained. “I feel that the new rule, of course about the delta which we must follow for not moving too slow, so made matters worse to be fair than how it had been earlier. We will need to review, of course at the upcoming drivers’ meeting, what we could do better”

Ocon reckoned by having the minimal lap time set in which it had been, motorists were not able to build up openings before them on their outside laps, therefore were made to run nearer to competitions when placing a moment.

“Clearly it wasn’t supposed to have those kinds of problems you understand, folks slowing down for no reason, but we need to earn a gap in some stage to produce the lap,” he explained.

“And we did not have the opportunity to do this because we can not slow down. Therefore it made it somewhat tricky for everybody, and I believe that is why a great deal of cars were rushing in the long run.

“Nothing actually happened but, needless to say, Kimi began his lap too near me, therefore he had been attempting to pass me. But if this had been the case then the two of our laps could have been destroyed. Clearly , but I managed to finish mine.”

Ocon has been researched because of his episode with Raikkonen after the third semester, but the stewards chosen to take no additional action.

It had been believed that Ocon was pressured to a tricky position when Lewis Hamilton and Nicholas Latifi before him’d backed off, and compelled him to attempt to discover some space.

An announcement in the stewards stated they had”concluded that what seemed to be erratic movement of automobiles was because of a combination of conditions that they, along with the 2 drivers present, consented was probably inevitable and wasn’t dangerous.”

Talking immediately following the semester, Ocon indicated that Raikkonen had triggered the scenario by becoming too close.

“I did everything I needed to do to keep myself ahead,” he explained. “I left the garage facing Kimi and that is the way we should get started.

“At the end he was assaulting and he had been close to me, so when he goes , the two of our hands are destroyed. There is not much I might have done”


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