Mercedes not to blame for Formula 1 dominance – Wolff – F1


Mercedes Formula 1 team manager Toto Wolff says it is not the group’s fault it is dominant, saying that the 2020 year won’t be”a walk in the park”.

The Brackley team has obtained a hat-trick of rods and wins out of the opening three races of this year – with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas respectively procuring one and two win – and holds a 66-stage difference to closest challenger Red Bull from the constructors’ standings.

While admitting that it might run alternate plans at some occasions this season to be able to advertise a race involving its motorists Wolff says there is little the staff can do in order to better the series if opponents are lagging behind.

“If we’d choose the 2020 year for granted, as a stroll in the park, and it is essentially just about picking up the trophy at Paris in December, we would not have won those [past] championships,” said the Austrian.

“There’s not 1 fibre in us who believes this tournament is completed. It is something which really can grab you out.

“On the opposing side, dominance from one group, while it is us, whether it’s Red Bull from the 2010 years, or even if it was Ferrari at the first 2000s ) is something which is always a little strange to the championship.

“However it isn’t up to the group which has made measures to be regarded as accountable to the predictability of this tournament.”

Wolff says that he wants the resistance to close the gap, and has welcomed the enhanced performances from Racing Point and McLaren.

“We are extremely enthusiastic in rushing against our amazing competitions, we love to stand out there fighting Ferrari and Red Bull, we enjoy the challenger brands such as Racing Point to become a part of this sport, and about the other hand McLaren and Renault should discover a way back into front,” he explained.

“I’d wish for only a solid contest with an unknown result every Friday we begin FP1, but it is very hard in our place to actually alter the pecking order in the point.

“We’ve got one crucial goal, and it’s all about completing every weekend to the very best of our skills, ideally score several factors, and also challenge for a tournament. There’s not anything else we could do.”

Wolff emphasized that competitions can quickly close the gap from the things if Mercedes slides up.

“It is possible to observe that Red Bull was fighting throughout the weekend [in Hungary], and they then had a fairly good race car, a vehicle which didn’t seem like it may begin and the mechanisms did a really amazing job in the vehicle there,” he explained.

“The openings are nothing. When you consider the drivers’ points standings, it is 30 points after three races which people have with Lewis into Max [Verstappen], which means you’ve got one DNF, and the gap has been gone. You simply have to keep going.”


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