McLaren Needs F1 regulations tightened to prevent Additional Automobile Replicating – F1


McLaren Formula 1 main Andreas Seidl is excited for its regulations to be tightened to restrict the degree to which teams could replicate different automobiles.

The FIA is presently reviewing a demonstration from Renault within the legality over Racing Point RP20 automobile, which was predicated on the plan of this 2019 title-winning Mercedes W10.

Racing Point has publicly admitted it used images of their Mercedes to design its own automobile for this season, but worried it did so completely inside the regulations and has no worries over Renault’s demonstration.

Seidl previously said that there were”no grounds” for a demonstration against racing Point, however the case was very important for F1’s long run since it had become a”copying championship”.

While Seidl admitted there was a level of copying from F1, he stated the recent regulations allowed the clinic to go beyond just looking at images of a different vehicle.

“There is definitely copying [which] is not merely copying,” Seidl said.

“There is copying that has ever existed in Formula 1, and that is part of Formula 1.

“We’ve attempted to analyse what opponents do by photos which are publicly available, images you may take in the pit lane or even on-track. I believe no-one has some issue with copying cars or parts from such pictures.

“What’s important is to just clarify and perhaps also alter regulations on what could be achieved concerning replicating beyond this copying, in which you simply use publicly-available info.

“There is space in the regulations in the moment which you may do really more, you could perform co-operations on wind tunnel technologies, on how that you use the tube, on how you map your car in the wind tunnel.

“Additionally in how you get access to images of automobiles, etc.

“I feel that is something which must be explained, we have a very clear direction about what Formula 1 needs to let there later on.”

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Renault’s protest against Racing Point has shrunk to the brake ducts of this RP20 automobile. This past year, Racing Point were provided brake ducts by Mercedes since they had been a recorded component, however they no longer are accountable for 2020.

Renault has also worried its demonstration isn’t all about brake ducts, but about defining the future of F1 and also the amount of cooperation permitted between groups.

Seidl explained that stayed the”key question” McLaren also desired answering in this circumstance.

“It is not always about doing something illegal or legal,” Seidl said.

“As I mentioned several times, there’s space in the regulations to perform far more than take pictures from the pit lane.

“That is the reason why we think that it’s important to have those clarifications now.”


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