Leclerc Ceased from rejoining F1 Spanish GP by Ferrari engine Difficulty – F1


Charles Leclerc has been prevented by rejoining the Spanish Grand Prix after pitting to get his seatbelts tightened as Ferrari needed to research a problem with his Formula 1 power apparatus.

Leclerc was operating 11th in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya prior to hitting the kerb in the departure of the last chicane, causing him to spin.

The strike caused a electric issue on Leclerc’s Ferrari energy unit which saw him lose electricity, leaving him stranded in the last corner.

Leclerc undid his seatbelts and was planning to escape the car once the engine switched back , enabling him to rejoin the race, albeit in final location.

However, after being forced to pit his seatbelts might be re-fastened, Leclerc was then wheeled back in the garage since Ferrari desired to look into the electric issue on his electricity unit.

“There were just two problems,” Leclerc clarified.

“The very first one is the motor switched off, then I tried to change it again.

“Once I saw it was not going, once I saw it was not beginning again, I removed the seatbelt. I then needed to box again to the seatbelts.

“Unfortunately the race was over before that if the motor switched off.

“it is a shame, however, we will work to attempt to comprehend what went wrong.”

Leclerc was in the running for things after sitting at the close of the opening stint of the race, stating that he had been”pleased” with his race had gone to his spin.

“We’re at a really good location, the one-stop strategy was functioning really nicely,” Leclerc said.

“We had an excellent initial stint on the softs we managed to maintain until the conclusion, [but] certainly we’d love to become more aggressive than that.

“I feel I did quite a great deal of improvement in comparison to last year in tyre administration. In addition, I believe the auto is probably simpler to handle throughout the race stints.

“The primary goal now is to enhance the general speed of the automobile.”

Yellow flags were revealed at the last corner after Leclerc’s twist, however, FIA race director Michael Masi verified the officials were near deploying the security car.

“I had been listening to Charles’ radio, and clearly his communicating with the group,” Masi said.

“[We were] clearly tracking with the motor going, and got connected with the staff immediately to see whether he had been likely to restart or not.

“It was shut [to being a safety car period], is most likely the simplest way to place it.”


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