Hamilton unveils Fresh black F1 helmet design with BLM message – F1


Reigning Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has introduced his new helmet design, shifting into a black base color and carrying assistance for the Dark Lives Issue motion.

Hamilton – that the only black driver in F1 history – continues to be vocal regarding the continuing activism across the planet against racial injustice, calling those in motorsport to help improve diversity in the business.

Mercedes announced on Monday it might be shifting its automobile color from silver to black to its 2020 year as a portion of its anti-racism messaging, in addition to shifting the motorist matches for Hamilton and team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton has unveiled his upgraded helmet layout, which switches into a black foundation, having initially intended a pink and white idea.

The new design retains the purple stripes, and contains quite a few messages such as the Black Lives Issue messaging and logo.

Hamilton’s conventional’Still I Rise’ motto on the back of the helmet has also been shifted to’Still We Rise’.

“The reason why my helmet has changed color, the lawsuit has, as well as the automobile, it’s all for equality whatsoever, and only really continued to solidify this message,” Hamilton explained.

“We now have the microphone, and people have started to listento. We have got the chance to actually push that message and actually hold folks accountable.

“Brands as well as the groups in Formula 1, everyone here has to be held liable and be amenable to instruct themselves, be amenable to comprehend the motion is occurring, and why round the world we must keep pushing for equality.

“Since it is not good enough. Even if a person says to you we have been doing some thing or we have been attempting, they will need to try harder, since it is still a large problem that the planet is fighting, 60 years after after Martin Luther King was fighting it.

“That is what it is about. I maintained the purple out of what I intended to begin this season, it is my favorite color, and yeahI trust that you get to see it once I am at the car.”

Hamilton will make his first appearance with the brand new helmet design in opening training for the Grand Prix on Friday at Spielberg.

Bottas has changed his helmet layout before this season-opener, including a’Stronger Together’ message into the back plus a string of hands linking together.


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