Hamilton: Safety car spoiled my F1 Austrian GP strategy Bet Strategy – F1


Lewis Hamilton claims the security car that triggered a round of pitstops from the GP spoiled the plan bet he had planned to use to jump Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton understood when stuck behind Mercedes team-mate Bottas throughout the Formula 1 launching race the only means to beat him would be to conduct another plan.

However as soon as the safety car came out on lap 25, after Kevin Magnussen spun off having a clear brake dilemma, Hamilton had no option except to follow Bottas to the pits to get a double-stacked cease, which ended any prospect of conducting an off-set plan and visiting another tyre.

Both drivers had been awarded the challenging chemical to get a long term to the chequered flag, since the group thought it was too premature to match the medium. Racing Point’s Sergio Perez was the only driver to spend the medium in the stops.

Shortly after leaving the pits Hamilton stated on group radio he’d needed to choose the”reverse Gee,” and do anything different to Bottas.

“The simple fact is here in this course you understand this in order to have a chance to pass the vehicle before you always need to attempt to opt for the reverse approach,” Hamilton said when requested by Autosport about his remark.

“When you are in a group such as ours, the very first car always receives the priority at the stop. Therefore if you come out to the very same tyres, you are pretty much filled at a course like this, especially where it is very, very difficult to overtake.

“It is something similar to eight-tenths of another benefit you want on the vehicle ahead to get a chance at battling them. I understood that on precisely the exact same tyre, I’d probably be ending behind.

“But obviously the safety car came out and really kind of messed with things, since I had been gonna strategy to attempt to expand my stint as long as I could stop for the contrary tyre, essentially, and only have a risk, since finally [when I’m] behind that is finally what I enjoy doing, carrying a hazard.

“However, it did not work out this way, and that I do not believe it was a large matter. I meanthere was many different things that came to play.”

Hamilton confessed that when going to the pits he had not reminded the group of his desire to do anything different.

“You understand, since the safety car came out, I did not understand which tyre they would be placing either.

“I actually just had not thought about it, I presumed they’ll put us about the challenging, being that people were very short and that there was a long way to go, along with the tricky tyre generally in the event that you stop sooner, that is the greater tyre for your space.

“As I said, I am a risk taker. However, I did not prompt themand normally prior to the stop, I’d have prompted thembut due to the security car, you will find different things that came to play, and that I had not done it, therefore it is completely fine.”

Hamilton’s race ended using a battle with Red Bull’s Alexander Albon, landing on the Mercedes driver a five-second time punishment, dropping him from second to fourth in the last classification. Albon finally failed to complete as he pulled with four laps to move because of a power unit failure.


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