Haas F1 driver Grosjean apologises for”elephant in Space” Comment on his Long Run – F1


Romain Grosjean has apologised to Haas for talking out of turn in suggesting the future of his Formula 1 group has been in doubt.

The Frenchman’s contract runs out in the end of the season and he suggested before the weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix an”elephant in the room” over his future has been that Haas may not last.

Those opinions annoyed team leader Gunther Steiner, who stated it wasn’t right that a motorist should comment on these matters.

“I believe his response was the incorrect response,” Steiner told Sky F1 final weekend.

“Since he had been asked what he’s doing, and he talked for the group. I believe that the elephant is in their own area, maybe not in our area.

“We all know what we would like to perform, and when we’re here or not, this is going to be only determined once we register up for new Concorde [Agreement]. Everything is about the way this will take place.”

In the aftermath of the occasions, Grosjean has said sorry because of his behavior – since he mastered the possibility of this situation getting another stage of play in F1’s Netflix series which has followed Haas closely.

“I am sorry if I said anything wrong,” he explained.

“I did not wish to make anything. Therefore, no, there is no Netflix episodes, there’s not any issue.

“I stated something which I should not have stated, and … you know, I am sorry for the group. And all great.”

Steiner stated he wasn’t too mad over what Grosjean stated, but more astonished his driver has selected to bring up the subject.

“I meanI was not angry about it,” he clarified.

“You understand me. I respond to something and that I get over things pretty fast. I mean, I am not angry. It was like… I was astonished when I read itbecause I was not there obviously.

“Therefore I asked, however, I am fine . I don’t have any issue.

“When I get anyone mad if I state something not suitable, I’d have everyone angry at mepersonally, however, I get over things pretty fast.

“I believe he realised. It was a challenging question and he replied in a sense, possibly, after believing he did not need to reply.

“And that he did not possibly mean what he said, ” you understand. I don’t have any issue.”


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