FIA World Council approves F1 COVID-19 protocols – F1


The FIA World Motor Sport Council has approved changes for the year’s Formula 1 regulations to integrate the newest COVID-19 protocols which are going to be released in Austria next month.

Additionally there have been additional refinements to the principles for future seasons since the FIA, F1 as well as also the teams continue to find ways of controlling prices.

Grid, race suspension/resumption and podium processes have been adapted to manage the new protocols as anticipated, whilst curfew rules are adjusted to permit for the social bookmarking principles.

Pirelli’s petition to standardise tyre allocations to compensate for the fluid calendar has also been accepted. The FIA also summarizes that stewards may”operate liberally in extraordinary conditions, if the conditions need it”.

The 2020 and 2021 technical regulations have experienced”alterations and refinements” to the record of homologated elements declared last month, which defines exactly what portions of these automobiles are suspended and the way the token system functions.

Additionally a new rule was added related to this”partial-load gas mass flow rate” since the FIA continues to clamp down on gas use.

For 2021 there are refinements into the aerodynamic analyzing constraints from regulations.

Two fascinating developments to the technical regulations are a limitation to the amount of applications versions a team may use in a calendar year, and a limitation to the amount of gas formulas and engine oil specifications which may be accepted annually.


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