Ferrari:”Nothing to complain about” with 2021 aero F1 Varies – F1


Ferrari Formula 1 manager Mattia Binotto says there is”nothing to whine about” concerning the overdue modifications to this 2021 aero rules the FIA intends to enforce on security reasons.

Teams were advised in a letter issued throughout the build-up into the Spanish Grand Prix which there’ll be further reductions to downforce amounts for 2021 in an effort to decrease loadings to assist Pirelli to operate exactly the exact same exacting specifications to get a third successive season.

The movement is a direct effect of the tyre issues seen at Silverstone, amid worries that Pirelli’s default risk of increasing tyre pressures generates compromises like overheating.

Changes to the 2021 floor regulations, which groups state will have a substantial affect on the airflow above their automobiles, were agreed earlier this season.

No specifics are agreed concerning the most recent alterations to the principles and it might be weeks before details are verified – that is much later in the design process than groups typically expect and plan for without a rules.

But, Binotto explained that teams need to accept the security justification for its odd timing.

“Firstwe only should bear in mind for 2021 the collection of aero regulations have been altered under the World Council to get a decrease on aero functionality due to the concern for the tyres,” he explained when asked by Autosport.

“Originally we ought to have had fresh 18-inch tyres in 2021 that has been postponed to 2022, therefore the tyres we’ve had previously have been retained equal for 2021 too. Undoubtedly that by upping the aero functionality the harshness of the use of these tyres will probably be greater.

“I believe Silverstone, in that regard, was a fantastic example. I believe there’s nothing wrong in what occurred to the tyres themselves, however in the long run it was the easy consequence of automobiles being quicker and faster during the lap, [and] throughout the circuit.

“I know that Pirelli is currently worried about that, I know the FIA is worried for security matters and I believe it’s merely a belief that the changes currently accepted for 2021 won’t be adequate.

“In this scenario, we’ll do additional changes about the aero for security reasons, there’s nothing we could somehow whine about.

“I believe exactly what the changes will probably be, we aren’t conscious of at the present time. Surely it will affect all of the automobiles [and] that our R&D. But I am pretty aware also that it is crucial for the security, and security always comes first.”

Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff agreed that the teams must be united since the modifications have a security focus.

“We will need to be together in this,” he explained. “Along with the cars, such as Mattia stated, have become quicker than everyone anticipated, and in that regard we can not anticipate Pirelli to catch up with fresh tyres and thus, like Mattia stated, certainly we will need to work collectively.”


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