F1 to Market squares on chequered flag to raise funds for charity – F1


Formula 1 has declared it’s going to sell off blossoms onto the chequered flag at parties throughout the 2020 period to raise funds for charity.

In service of F1’s new’We Hurry as One’ initiative announced earlier this week to battle racism and inequality, fans will have a exceptional chance to buy places on the chequered flag displayed at the conclusion of every race.

The charity drive is set to increase #11,000 per race, together with 56 of those 80 squares onto the chequered flag going up available. The rest 24 squares will be made open to the race promoter to pass to its guests and fans.

Each fan will get their name published in the square they purchase, though they aren’t able to select which square their title is set in.

After the race is finished, fans are going to get their square mounted and framed, in addition to an image of the chequered flag along with an authenticity hologram.

Fans are now able to purchase squares on the flag to its season-opening Austrian Grand Prix on 5 July for #199. 99.

Plans are in place for the exact same accessibility to be created for following races throughout the 2020 period, with squares heading up available between two and three months before every grand prix.

All squares can be bought through the F1 Authentics site.

We Hurry as One initiative was declared by F1 on Monday before this delayed start to the 2020 season, recognising the broader societal problems beyond the game.

Amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the movement against racial injustice, teams will operate with’We Hurry as One’ branding in their automobiles, such as a rainbow flag comprising the colours of 10 teams.

Ferrari put the #WeRaceAsOne hashtag on its 2018-spec car for Tuesday’s test session in Mugello in Italy, while additional shows of support are anticipated from different teams at the lead-up into the Austria race weekend.


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