F1 qualifying engine Style Prohibit postponed to Italian GP – F1


The FIA clampdown on Formula 1 groups use of search-engine modes was postponed before the Grand Prix, rather than following weekend’s Belgian GP as initially planned.

The concession was made to permit engine manufacturers more time to run dyno testing before they go into a race weekend dedicated to the new constraints.

The transfer to one style for qualifying and the race was initially summarized in a letter delivered to the groups from the FIA’s secretary general for motor sport Peter Bayer before last week’s Spanish GP.

Under the heading”energy unit ICE manners – decrease of the reach of adjustability between qualifying and the race” Bayer clarified that the FIA would confine modes by means of a technical directive that could be issued ahead of the Belgian GP.

Justification for the change was granted in regards to two distinct regulations.

The earliest was Article 2.7 of those 2020 technical regulations, led”genius of Competitor,” and says:”It is the responsibility of every competitor to meet the FIA technical delegate and the stewards his car complies with those regulations in their entirety in any way times during an event.

“The look of the automobile, its elements and systems will, with the exclusion of security features, establish their compliance with such regulations by way of physical review of materials or hardware.

“No mechanical layout may rely upon applications inspection as a way of ensuring its own compliance.

“Due to their character, the compliance of digital systems might be assessed by way of inspection of hardware, applications and information.”

Bayer wrote in his letter that the”multitude and complexity of manners used make it incredibly hard for the FIA to track compliance with all the PU-related rules and regulations in chosen critical moments of this occasion.”

The next rule recorded was Article 27.1 of these athletic regulations, a reference to motorists needing to drive the automobile”alone and unaided.”

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Bayer noted that”the alterations to ICE modes which are in force may potentially indicate that the driver doesn’t drive the vehicle alone and unaided.”

He reasoned that”in order to address the aforementioned concerns later on, we’ll be needing that throughout the qualifying session along with the race, the PU should function in one mode.”

A draft technical directive about the issue was sent to groups this week, but it raised several queries, and after a disagreement a variant sent late on Thursday formally shifted the beginning date on Monza, leaving the groups more time to collect information.

One F1 team boss told Autosport:”It isn’t a simple TD to receive properly done. We will need to get it .”

F1 race manager Michael Masi stated at Barcelona last weekend he was convinced that the FIA will have the ability to police the rules.

“I believe we are very confident of this, otherwise we would not have gone down the street that we’ve got,” he explained.

“I understand the technical team particularly has done a massive quantity of work on this, and has also consulted with all the four power unit makers to receive their input to this.

“We are as confident as we could be in the present time, otherwise we would not be moving down that street.”


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