F1 finalises aero tweaks for 2021 with 10Percent downforce cut – F1


The FIA has finalised a bundle of Formula 1 aero regulation varies 2021, making a general downforce cut of approximately 10%.

Approximately half of the amount had already been accounted for by an alteration to the ground principles agreed earlier this season.

Nevertheless the British GPs motivated the FIA and F1 to create additional modifications to aid with Pirelli’s strategies to conduct exactly the very same tyres for a third successive season by diminishing downforce.

These additional modifications include the elimination of additional slots from the ground, together with a decrease in proportion of the winglets placed on the back brake ducts.

There are also additional modifications to the diffuser geometry to further restrict the downforce generated in 2021.

Outlining the 3 new modifications in detail Tombazis explained:”We shall remove some slots on the face of the vehicle, on the border of the ground.

“The back brake duct winglets, this cascade that is located in the base of the brake ducts, so we’ll create that 40mm thinner.

“Along with the diffuser fences which now a number of these, those which are additional in-board and proceed to the reference plane, will probably be restricted to the measure airplane.

“They will consequently be sliced by 50mm”

Several of those modifications were already discussed previously in the year prior to a shift to the ground has been agreed upon, and they’ve been revived.

“We discussed a few of these back in April in May, then we moved only for the flooring change,” explained Tombazis.

“But as the year progressed, and we watched what downforce the automobiles are generating, we believed we probably had to go an excess step.

“Our standards for the choice of the regions where we’re shifting, also requires the cost factors, particularly for the smaller groups.

“We are not changing anything to the front part of the vehicle, since in the event that you change something small on front , it may have a knock-on influence on the remainder of the automobile.

“And for instance, the flooring trim we had previously impacts the back brake duct, and thus the back brake duct has been made somewhat thinner, they need to produce a new one anyway, and for that reason it’s keeping prices and the quantity of re-optimisation to kind of sensible amounts.

“We believe the amount of those changes is roughly 4-5% of the total downforce the automobiles have.

“And we naturally have left this angled cut on the on the ground border from May. The total, I believe, we anticipate possibly about 10percent decrease.

“And obviously groups will be gaining roughly 4-5percent through their usual development – we do not know the precise consequences, but these really are quotes.”

F1’s chief technical officer Pat Symonds explained that the FIA and F1 had put plenty of effort and time into choosing that adjustments to make.

“I believe we have done an extremely thorough job with this,” said Symonds.

“We have done a great deal of simulation. We have looked at a great deal of various choices, not only the four, for example, floor trimming, which have been chosen.

“We have looked at them in many of nations; cornering states, we have looked at different ride heights.

“And most importantly, we, at the understanding of let us call it different aerodynamic design characteristics, we have tried really difficult to pick items which won’t either favor or disadvantage any specific team.”


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