Sportives can Resume from September but with Limitations, States British Cycling 


Cyclists will probably be thrilled to hear that sportives and other biking events can come back from September, as British Cycling moves one step closer to regular service. 

The national governing body for cycling claims that non-competitive rides could resume from Saturday, September 5 after fresh advice was accepted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. 

However there’ll be some constraints for participants to help avoid the spread of coronavirus, such as restricting the amount of cyclists in a group and shocking start times.  

British Cycling’s delivery manager, Dani Every, stated:”Following a very successful re-introduction of several aggressive events before this month, I am thrilled that we’re now able to restart sportives along with other non-competitive occasions from September 5.

There is much more to those events than simply a bicycle ride — they encourage community cohesion, encourage local causes and encourage many to reach goals they never believed possible — and following the tide of excitement we’ve seen for biking this year we expect to see them move from strength to strength in the months and years ahead.”

While those rides can proceed, cyclists won’t be permitted to ride in groups of more than six at any stage throughout the event, riders will probably be published in waves of six passengers or less 45-minute periods, and organisers should ensure that there are no more than 24 participants in the start line at one time. 

Organisers should also offer enough space at occasion villages, start/finish locations, and feed channels to permit for social bookmarking. 

The yield of sportives is another step in British Cycling’s comprehensive strategy to come back to regular service.

Some contest formats have returned to the calendar such as time trials, closed circuit racing and road biking, whilst street racing stays banned for now. 

However, this latest statement marks the yield of events such as the Great Exmoor Ride on September 6, Cheshire Cycling Sportive and the Tour of the Cornfields.  

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Every additional: “We have quite a few amazing events set to happen on the first weekend of September and I am certain that thousands of those cyclists and members are already gearing up to demonstrate their support to local organisers, and handle what for most would be their first huge biking challenge of this year” 


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