Share your ideas: Why did Julian Alaphilippe deserve to eliminate the yellow jersey to time punishment?


Julian Alaphilippe is no more the chief of the Tour de France, following the French celebrity has been passed a time penalty for carrying an illegal feed stage five — we would like to hear your ideas about the episode.

The Deceuninck — Quick-Step rider has been awarded a 20-minute penalty after he shot a noodle jar out of the side of the street within the closing 20kilometers of the point, a move that’s prohibited by the UCI.

Alaphilippe has passed the race lead around to Britain’s Adam Yates (Mitchelton-Scott), who stated that is not how he’d have desired to shoot the yellow jersey, whilst Alaphilippe currently adheres to 16th place.

As stated by the Tour organisers, the commissaires made the choice to punish Alaphilippe later he left an”patriotic supply pick-up”

Video footage has since emerged of Alaphilippe carrying a jar from staff staff with about 17kilometers of the point left to race.

UCI rules say that feeding beyond the feed zones, either by a vehicle or on foot, is strictly prohibited inside the initial 30kilometers of a point and within the past 20km)

Legislation 2.3. 027 states:”All feeding (out of an automobile and on foot out the feeding zones signposted from the organiser) is strictly prohibited: throughout the 30 initial and final 20 kilometres; at the past 500 meters prior to a sprint counting to get a secondary classification (points classification, king of mountain classification or some other ), bonus rush, feeding zone; at the initial 50 meters following a sprint drawing to get a secondary classification (points classification, king of mountain linking or other people ), bonus sprint, feeding zone; on descents of hills recorded in the mountain classification;  at almost any other place given by the organiser or the commissaires panel.

“The commissaires panel can accommodate the distances mentioned previously, based on atmospheric conditions along with the class, type and duration of this race. Such a decision has to be conveyed to the followers via radio-tour.”

However, did Alaphilippe deserve the punishment? If he have been given a monetary punishment instead? What are your ideas on Adam Yates carrying the race lead due to a punishment?

We wish to hear your ideas about the Tour de France episode — click here to complete our Google Forms poll and answer some short questions.

A choice of responses will be gathered into an upcoming story on the Cycling Weekly web site.


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