Rapha’s Brand New Collector range has something for roadies, gravel riders and commuters


Rapha has established a brand new assortment of eyeglasses, with a four-part array comprising versions tailored to street riding, researching, and cruising.

All the eyeglasses utilize Rapha’s’Rider Optimised Surface Enhancement (ROSE)’ lens technologies, which is intended to provide early warning of dangers in addition to heightening the contrast between dark and light, ensuring functionality when riding through tunnels and in mountainous regions in addition to under sun.

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All four frame styles — Guru Team Total Frame, Professional Team Frameless, Explore and Classic — make use of this proprietary Rapha ROSE technology.

Each the eyeglasses gain from an anti-fogging remedy designed for military use,  a water repellent hydrophobic coating to keep off the rain, and also the exclusion of the Guru Team Frameless version (which does not need them) include vents to permit for airflow that prevents moisture build-up and fogging.

The Guru Team Frameless glasses (#110) provide a minimalist design, and come in at only 28 g ) They use a curved shape to get a wrap-around match and come with Many Different lens choices (Black Navy/ Purple Green Lens, Black/ Dark Mirror Lens, White/ Pink Blue Lens, Pink/ Dark Mirror Lens).

Additionally created for aggressive road riding, the Guru Team Full Frame eyeglasses share exactly the exact same wrap-around lens however will suit individuals who would rather get a framework around the entirety of this lens.

The lenses accessible match dark and light states (White/ Pink Blue Lens, Black/ Dark Mirror Lens, Dark Navy/ Purple Green Lens, RCC variant in Black/ Pink Blue Lens). These weigh in at 30gram and price 120.

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Targetted more at off-road riding, the Explore Glasses are intended to provide clarity for all those riding from dawn until dusk, on diverse surfaces.

The fall lens design comes with no decrease bar, offering a broad field of vision and there is a detachable strap which may be utilized to depart the glasses hanging around your neck though we guess most riders will still continue to lodge them inside their helmet ports.

The Explore Glasses are accessible with lenses at a Choice of colors for diverse conditions (Black Green/Bronze Lens, Brown/ Dark Mirror Lens, Dark Navy/ Purple Green Lens, White/ Pink Blue Lens). These weigh 32g and come at #130.

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Eventually, the Classis Glasses are designed to provide performance on the bike, whilst mixing elsewhere. These are modelled on the sunglasses worn by the likes of Coppi and Anquetil.

All these are the lightest, at 24gram, and price #90. The include lenses at an assorted Assortment of colors (Black/ Dark Mirror Lens, Black Transparent/ / Rose Lens, Green Transparent/ / Rose Lens, Brown/ Dark Mirror Lens, Pink Transparent/ Dark Mirror Lens).

All thee glasses are offered in rapha.cc.


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