Alex Dowsett Reacts after Griff Rhys Jones’depicts cyclists as yobs’ in Paper column


Alex Dowsett has shared his ideas following Griff Rhys Jones whined about”lycra-clad hooligans” in a newspaper column.

Rhys Jones, the Welsh comedian and author, penned a bit for your own Email Online headlined’Away Your bicycle! Griff Rhys Jones has been forced to take drastic actions following lycra-clad hooligans began trickling down the public footpath running through his backyard’.

From the report, the 66-year old whines about cyclists riding along a public footpath that passes through his backyard, asserting that he had been passed by a single ride”at roughly 40miles” off-road.

Rhys Jones goes on to describe how he tried placing logs throughout the path to prevent riders utilizing the trail, which legally is just for walkers.

However, the tone of this article caught the interest of Israel Start-Up Nation Attorney Dowsett.

The British time trial winner wrote to Rhys Jones on Twitter, stating:”I was not much of a lover of the article from the Email . Whilst the truth of cyclists being to the footpath I think to be true, your descriptions of bikers are somewhat exaggerated; constituting cyclists as’yobs’.

“This will not help is driving a harder wedge between the split the media seem intent on producing. We share this world, these streets and most of us make errors. Most of us like being a part of groups/societies/clubs however we do not always agree with what everybody in them do”

Dowsett stated Rhys Jones’s claim that a fisherman had handed him 40miles was”ridiculous”.

From the guide, Rhys Jones describes how an ancient footpath that crosses through his territory from Suffolk and is frequently used by walkers.

Rhys Jones said cyclists happen to be travelling through his property since the local reservoir, a more favorite biking place, is closed on account of this coronavirus lockdown.

He proceeds to state”I fear that my naivety was exploited by some fairly bothersome keep-fit cyclists that insist on rattling last even though, according to the Countryside Act of 1968, bikes must be ridden only on bridleways, maybe not footpaths like mine”

After installing logs throughout the route, Rhys Jones contacted Suffolk County Council to ask whether he could put in a gate to stop cyclists using the route, but was advised that he did not possess the appropriate.

He closes the piece by admitting that the majority of the cyclists have since returned to the reservoir, and this has re-opened as restrictions are eased.

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Dowsett explained:”The guide could have been quite different, rather than’us they & angels villains; just about’making it secure for all to enjoy East Anglia via hints, respect and schooling’ but I figure that the Email would have ignored your work”


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