Senior BCCI official Parikh discovered to be in conflict of interest


A senior officer in BCCI surgeries, Mayank Parikh, has been asked to resign from his place in the board or to”end up” his six championships clubs in Mumbai from BCCI’s integrity officer-cum-ombudsman Justice (retd) DK Jain. Parikh was the topic of a conflict of interest complaint linked to Rule 38(4) of this BCCI constitution, that prevents people from holding over a few of the 16 articles recorded inside.

The complainant, Sanjeev Gupta, had alleged that Parikh’s part in the BCCI and his possession role in his nightclubs were contradictory articles beneath sub-sections (l) and (p) of this principle.

Justice Jain’s order stated that by virtue of Parikh’s standing from the BCCI, he held an influence over the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) and consequently about the financial and other advantages to these six clubs, that can be conducted by his family . The integrity officer also found that despite his”alleged snapping of links” with the nightclubs, which Parikh”has been the alter ego of those six clubs”

“For most of the aforesaid reasons, I’m convinced that on the reality at hand, an instance of conflict of interest since enshrined in the Rules is created. Accordingly, it is going to be offered to the BCCI to give the chance to Mr. Mayank Parikh to himself step from the place of the Manager, BCCI or to end up all of the Clubs in query forthwith or by accepting any steps, which will guarantee that the situation of conflict of interest will be resolved to the satisfaction of the BCCI,” the order dated July 21 mentioned.

The complaints have been registered in July and August this past year, and have been followed closely by Parikh emerging facing Justice Jain around precisely the exact same period that Rahul Dravid was nominated for a battle criticism – also registered by Gupta, who recently resigned as a portion of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association.

Gupta had registered a battle complaint against Virat Kohli earlier this month that’s being examined, and formerly against against Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman too. In every one of these cases, the integrity officer had served notices dependent on the complaints, however, the former cricketers were finally eliminated.


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