Ricky Ponting promises’hard dialogue’ with R Ashwin on operating out non-strikers backing up


Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting has promised to have a”hard dialogue” with senior offspinner R Ashwin about exercising batsmen backing up in the bowler’s end, saying”that is not likely to be how we play our cricket”. Ashwin, who’ll make his debut Capitals this year from the IPL, had sparked a discussion, which is still continuing, after exercising Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler through IPL 2019 following the batsman had strayed from his crease.

Though Ashwin’s activity was within the legislation of this match, the MCC had predicted it contrary to the spirit of cricket. Incidentally, Ponting sits around the MCC’s World Cricket Committee. He explained he would not shy away from sitting the mature Indian bowler to get a conversation when they fulfill from the UAE.

“I will be having a conversation with him about it, that is the very first thing I will do,” Ponting said on The Grade Cricketer podcast. “Obviously, he was not in our group this past year, he is one of those players which we attempted to manage to earn this season. Look, he is a great bowler, and he has done a fantastic job in IPL for a very long time period today, but I have to admit seeing that last year, when it occurred and he did this, I really sat down our boys and said’look, I understand he has done , there will be other people around the championship who will consider doing so well, but that is not likely to be how we play our cricket, we will not be doing this’.

“There is ways which you may really stop batsmen cheating like this. If the bowler was to stop and the batsman was a foot from the crease for Example, you just penalise him a few runs”

Ponting proposes other Methods of maintaining batsmen from financing up a lot of

“So that is likely to be a dialogue and that is going to be a challenging conversation I’ll have to get with himpersonally, but I am fairly sure he will take it to the chin. I believe, actually him, looking back today, he’ll likely say that it was within the rules and he is correct to take action, but that isn’t within the soul of this match, not at the way I desire, at least with all the Delhi Capitals anyhow”

Ashwin’s choice to discontinue at his delivery stride and operate out Buttler, that was not viewing the bowler and was well beyond his crease, polarised the cricket community, and following the game Ashwin said his actions was”instinctive” and he hadn’t breached the principles.

“In my part, it had been quite instinctive. It wasn’t intended or something like that. It is there inside the rules of this sport. I really don’t know where the soul of this game comes; obviously if it’s there at the principles, it is there.”

Ponting, however, felt that there were other ways for the bowlers to drive home a point without moving contrary to the perceived soul of this match. “There is ways which you may really stop batsmen cheating like this. If the bowler was supposed to stop and the batsman was a foot from the crease for example, you simply penalise him a few runs or something. Do this and they will not do it ,” Ponting said. “You have just got to do this once at the beginning of a championship and then all of the players see this, and I promise that gamers will not be fudging any earth from that point on.

“I listened to a number of the game referees about it through last season’s IPL too. When the umpires make a stance and also do some thing to really warn the batsman they are cheating, then that is far better than having the nasty episode of a mankad.”

Lately Ashwin reignited the discussion when responding to the ICC choice to possess TV umpires telephone front-foot no-balls at ODIs through the World Cup Super League. Aswhin suggested that technologies can be used to identify and also penalise batsmen who back up a lot of by disallowing the runs off the ball question, or providing the bowler that a”free ball”.

“Just expect that technology will determine whether a batsmen is backing up until the bowler bowls a ball and also disallow the conducts of the ball each time that the batter does thus!! Therefore, parity will be revived so far as the leading is worried #noball #dontbackup,” Ashwin stated on Twitter. “Many of you won’t be able to observe the tomb disparity here, so allow me to take time out to describe to the best of my skills. In the event the non striker backs two feet and handles to return to get a two, he’ll place the exact same batsmen on attack for another chunk.

“Placing the exact same batsmen on attack may cost me a 4 or a 6 in another ball and finally cost me 7 runs rather than might be a 1 and a dot ball chance at another batsmen. The exact same will imply hugely to get a batter needing to eliminate attack even at a test game. [Sic.]

“It is time to reestablish the equilibrium in what’s an increasingly challenging environment for the bowlers. #thefrontcrease #belongs into #bothparties @bhogleharsha we could use exactly the exact same technology that we’re suggesting to get a no ball [to] test 120 balls at a T20 game”

When a few Twitter users disagreed with Ashwin for requesting for alternative penalties, Ashwin responded:”Create the streak invalid of the ball or provide the bowler that a free ball another one. Rather than disallowing the run, might be the bowler can find a free ball the very next one at which the batsmen has supported up. Some fairness to begin off might be.”

While Ashwin didn’t clearly specify what he meant by”free ball”, it might signify a bowling edition of a completely free strike – no runs allowed, however, the batsman may be disregarded.


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