Amar Virdi’s attacking ability could place him apart,” says Vikram Solanki


Amar Virdi has”reacted extremely well” into the challenge of enhancing his fitness, based on Surrey’s new head coach, Vikram Solanki.

Though just 21 years old, Virdi has been viewed as one of the very exciting spin-bowling prospects at the English game. He was a crucial part of Surrey’s County Championship-winning facet of 2018, and followed up by topping the side bowling averages at precisely the exact same contest in 2019.

However, while there was little questioning his skill, there were several worries about his or her fitness. He also suffered a stress fracture on the winter 2018-19 and failed to immediately win a remember upon his comeback as a result of worries within this fitness.

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Solanki, nevertheless, believes nowadays are in the past. He believes Virdi is one of the fitter players at the Surrey squad and his commitment will help him improve his considerable abilities.

“He has an intriguing journey up until today,” Solanki said. “He has had to work on all parts of his game. With the ideal people around him – intensity and requirements trainers in Surrey and England – he is getting to the point where he knows that to be a professional cricketer that he wants to be an athlete. He has to be aware of his nutrition and physical fitness.

“He has reacted extremely well to this. He has really contested. He is probably one of those more powerful lads in our Surrey squad today and that has given him an comprehension of how to transfer and boost his ability too.”

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Virdi was among five spinners – three of these offspinners – at the England training squad named before the West Indies Test series. However, while his lack of batting capability could establish an impediment – he averages only 9. 61 together with the bat in cricket – Solanki believes his skill with the ball can place him apart from the rest of the pack.

“He is an exciting prospect,” Solanki said.” ‘Present’ and’possible’ are phrases thrown around a little loosely sometimes. However he has some actual ability. He is a really gifted offspinner. He’s got the capacity to twist along with the ball and can be an extremely attacking bowler. That will put him apart.”


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