WNBA Roundtable About Racism & Sexism, Part Two


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We attracted Sheryl Swoopes, Angel McCoughtry and Lexie Brown with bunch Ros Gold-Onwude to find out about their viewpoints as Black girls in sports. 

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Gold-Onwude: Angel and Lexie, how can you believe that the WNBA does up to advertising players?

McCoughtry: I remember that incident of you men on Martin [to Swoopes]. This has been the best thing . He had been challenging Gina stating that girls can not do exactly what men can perform. And she attracts those WNBA players [to play]. This has been the best thing for us to begin growing up. To add on to this, folks do not understand LeBron personally, however they understand LeBron. Does that make sense? If a person does not understand Lexie Brown or even Angel McCoughtry, why are they gonna arrive at the game? They do not understand who they are watching. Our advertisements are just on when we’ve got a match. Then people do not even know when we’ve got a match. It’s possible to view an NBA commercial if you are watching primetime TV. I think, also, a number of those NBA players can catch some people and state Hey, I really need Lexie within this State Farm firm with me personally. They will need to get to understand who she is also. I believe we could all work together to acquire more of those girls understood. We understand Diana Taurasi. We all know Sue Bird. But they ought to know Lexie Brown. I believe we could do a much better job at that.

Gold-Onwude: MVPs and celebrity players have gotten encouraged. Sheryl, you, Cynthia Cooper–I understood everything about you. Growing up in New York, I understood Teresa Weatherspoon. Candace Parker. I am a large Cappie Pondexter enthusiast. But perhaps you are talking to someone who is a little biased since I am an real women’s basketball enthusiast. We are discussing the casual enthusiast. How can we get them consistent with understanding everyone? I recall networks such as ESPN did things such as”The 3 to Watch” together with Skylar Diggins and Britney Griner and Elene Delle Donne. It had been only on the very best players. How can you reach this next level? Possibly like with you Lexie, somebody who is a celebrity but youthful and coming up, how can we know more about your story how we could find out about a role player in an NBA team?

Plenty of times the tales about women’s sports have a tendency to be”good woman tales,” all fantastic news, all favorable. Can the WNBA benefit from getting more actual, honest characterizations of that the characters and players are in the league?

Brown: I am coming from faculty and it is exactly the same there. You understand the 3 leading players, they look exactly the same, they may not even be the top players but all of them look alike. There is a certain look that I believe people attempt to push outside. I believe our league gets the most vibrant personalities in the top to bottom. The gorgeous thing about our team is that there is not a great deal of us, thus we all do understand each other fairly well. There are plenty of stories which will need to be discussed. And only because they are real does not mean that they must be awful or sad, they simply must be real. Everything does not have to be a fantastic girl narrative, like you mentioned. I believe this younger team of WNBA players has attempted to take it in their own hands, with social media and their followings and items like this. Personally, I have discovered that sometimes if we reach out into the league: Oh, we’ve got this thought . They flip away it. They do not want it. They do not need anything to do with it. So that has compelled us to go our different ways and find our small fan groups individually. If you go out someplace and say that you are a professional basketball player, they become super curious. You let them know that you attended Louisville and Duke and people lose their heads. There are many stories to tell.

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McCoughtry: It is difficult to work very hard at something and it is similar to, Man, does anyone find that I worked so hard? I’ve got a ice cream store here in Atlanta. Kandi Burruss in the Real Housewives of Atlanta was really the person who owns the construction, so I leased from her that was wonderful. Todd was her husband. They had been doing a mural back [of the building]. I head out back to look at it, they are putting all of the sports teams logos with this mural. So I asked the man, Where’s the Dream emblem gonna be? He was like, Fantasy, exactly what’s that? I really don’t understand nothing about that. I stated, Todd, the mural exterior is dope, but you are forgetting something. The WNBA emblem . We are the only women’s professional sports group from town and also you also forgot about us. He was like, Oh my god, my poor! My bad! You arrive at my ice cream store daily, we’re buddies, and you also forgot to place the sole women’s professional group’s emblem with this mural. I need to send you guys a photo of the mural. When you take a look at it today, we are on top. The simple fact I had to struggle for that. How can you forget?

I’ve got yet another story for y’all real fast. I am in the NBA Awards and PR states, Come and do some interviews. I come around to do the line on the red carpet and they are all like [looking]. [They said], Excuse me, we need the gamers . So I walked into another individual. They were similar to, Excuse me, we are awaiting the gamers . I am a participant. I am a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Really? I moved down that entire red rug line, no one looked at me two. I felt sort of belittled. It was like, That is exactly what you guys actually think of us? that I was not even considered a participant. Those would be what surely have to change.

Gold-Onwude: Let us discuss how mainstream entertainment and media cure WNBA players. It is not merely that the WNBA must promote [players] better. Sports reporters, individuals who pay sports betting, will say things such as, The very first ace championship to visit Seattle, or some thing. And you are like, Well, what about the Seattle Storm? You see it over and over again. I feel just like every year there is a correction of an expert sports broadcaster with authenticity discounting the credits of a WNBA championship.

Swoopes: Another portion of this, also –and I am not saying youpersonally, [Ros], since I do not believe you take action. But as commentators or broadcasters or analysts, even once you’re watching matches, faculty or WNBA, we compare women to boys all of the time. When you are watching college games, then you are going to say, Oh, so therefore reminds me of Kevin Durant or Steph Curry or even James Harden. She informs you of Angel McCoughtry or Lexie Brown or Candace Parker. You understand what I mean? We are going to chat about what everybody else isn’t doing to encourage the team and help us develop the sport, but we do not help ourselves develop the match.

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Gold-Onwude: I hear a lot along with the strategy there’s hoping to catch this casual fan who may know the NBA player over the WNBA player and make some sort of connection. However, I’ve often felt that women’s basketball should not be in comparison to men’s basketball since they’re different and various games and companies. Lexie, I will take it to you. When we speak about women’s basketball, why should it be when compared with men’s basketball on your view?

Brown: I understand when I was younger, there was a stage where I had been searching around NBA players. And when my father got into coaching in the WNBA, he sort of shut down. He was like, Nah, you are likely to model your game after each one of these gamers . So even through middle school and higher school, my favourite player was Kristi Tolliver. I loved her Maryland; she had been the reason I dedicated to Maryland. I essentially modeled my whole game after up her till I got to school, frankly. I really do agree with what people say, they’re attempting to catch the casual enthusiast by comparing to NBA players–that I really do know that. However, I feel that now, we are trying so difficult to catch a lot of casual fans, we simply have to catch a new enthusiast. Perhaps mentioning a WNBA player will possess them [thinking], Oh, I wonder who is. They will go look up the WNBA player and find this entire league full of girls who will hoop off their asses. I’m guilty of comparing individuals to NBA players, undoubtedly; but as I have gotten old, gotten to know those players and paid just a tiny bit more focus, I am ready to compare a great deal of gamers to WNBA players rather than

Gold-Onwude: Occasionally the people criticism and criticism which we see are occurring even in popular culture, such as tv shows like Family Guy or Black-ish, that can be a series about uplifting Black civilization and here they’re cracking jokes about a league that’s predominately Black. I am a fan of this series but it was disappointing to find those sorts of jokes and it has been permeate it’s OK to make fun of some bunch of excellent ladies. First I would like to ask, does it hurt if you notice that?

Brown: Not as much as it used to. You examine the men and women that are making these remarks and you are like, They have to be jealous or something. It has been difficult for me to know, with guys especially, the reason they have such a issue with girls being great at anything. Not just sports, only anything. It is odd. I can’t find it out. I can not wrap my head around it. Men could be helpful at things and girls can be good in things. It is that easy. However, the jokes are performed. I will say that they have not come up with anything fresh. It is the very same jokes coming out of a webpage using a egg as the star. We have to do something right when people are mad at just how amazing and effective we are.

McCoughtry: I like the way you put that. I had one final night, Lexie. I had been stating our season was likely to begin at the end of July and I was like, It is going to be weird not having any lovers . Men were similar to, You ought to be accustomed to that.

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Brown: That is another thing. They say something mad and you are like, F , plus they will either message me tweet me after saying they were playing and they are a massive fan. I am just convinced that folks want a response because they are tired and we give into them.

Swoopes: It’s easy to sit behind your telephone or computer or something and run your mouth. It is simple to do this. But should you met that individual or saw that individual in the shop or on the road or anything, they are not likely to say whatever. For me, a few of the remarks that I read on interpersonal networking, I laugh . Like, really? It is so dumb. You must laugh at it. For me , and that I really don’t play anymore, but to get a number of those things such as Black-ish; once I see , I am like, actually? I really don’t feel like this hurt me , but we hurt us. I believe that hurts the sport –if we are still hoping to develop it and get lovers and speak with people about how amazing these girls are, not only at basketball, but just how amazing these girls are. A series like Black-ish, that is what is amusing to me. You would like to create fun and poke who we are and our match. That is the part that drives me mad. I really could care less what a few of those assholes have to mention on social networking.

McCoughtry: Here is what, they would like to compare us to greats. By way of instance, I am in a restaurant and I am telling this man, Hey, you ought to visit a WNBA game. He is like, Why should I come see you guys playwith? Would you jump as large as LeBron? No. Could you operate as quickly as LeBron? No. Well, why should I come see you perform with? I stated, I operate quicker and that I jump higher compared to . You can not even compare to me personally, so why can you say ? He sort of got silent [after that]. Only the fact that you are comparing me into some freak of nature like LeBron, however you can not even compare to mepersonally, but you are knocking mea girl who is doing wonders in life and enjoying a game.

that I wish to dig deep. I request my male buddies, If you guys were younger, what exactly were you educated about girls? That women could not do anything? They are like, No, we’re only taught to be simple on women, not too tough . So no one ever taught you to knock girls in sports? No. So where does this come from? Can it be taught behaviour? To mepersonally, it seems just like racism. It is a type of racism. It is a educated hate.

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