The Way the Dollar and a Dream Became a Truth


Is Dreamville only a record label? Is it a location? Can it be a demeanor? Is it a mindset? Or does this signify something much simpler? Can it be only an idea?

Does it imply the act of dreaming, instead of imagining the potential, of hoping to get longer, even though there is just one final buck left to invest, is what drives people ahead? Is that the way the pawn becomes a king? With only a dollar and a dream?

Could this be the way the child named Jermaine out of Fayetteville, NC went from reading these very pages of SLAM using Nas’ Illmatic playing in the background into some generation-defining, Grammy-winning artist termed J. Cole? Or does this seem imitation? Does this seem like the fantasy turned out too well? Just like that child did not put in the moment?

Is it that the public does not understand about the way he took on New York’s winters for 11 years direct? Perhaps they did not see how Shawn Carter would not release his songs with no”single?” Were not they realize that child was only asking the Lord for a hint? Were they know that he was attempting to show something?

Can it be true? The dream really became a fact? How did the Young Simba eventually become the Grown Simba? Can he take action by carrying a power excursion to solve his frustration? Can he catch the youth’s attention with another combination of stream and truth? Did he be able to continue to the imagination and integrity which made him a rarity?

Is it the rest of the world took note? Did corporate America abruptly need a bit of the real fire he walked with? Can they throw themselves at him? Can he dodge the territory of the snakes as well as the false prophets for several years?

Is it the PUMA, an global sneaker powerhouse nearing its 75th birthday, was able to comprehend his fantasy? How did the signature sneaker they cooked him up change into a concrete manifestation of what it means to have a dream? Is the young child that browse the basketball bible currently an adult that is pleased with the RS-Dreamer?

What’s Dreamville only a record label? What do you believe?



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