The Way Gabby Williams Is Using Her Platform to Fight for Change



Gabby Williams understands she is blessed. As a two-time NCAA winner with UConn and celebrity to the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, she’s a public platform to talk about problems and help bring about real change.

“I have always been a really enthusiastic and outspoken individual. I believe that it’s very important to use my system to attract attention to matters. That is only part of my character,” she states. “I am just an extremely passionate individual. I question everything.”

Williams is placing that fire and natural fascination to great use.

At only 23 years old, Williams–drafted 4th overall from the Sky at the 2018 Draft–is emerging as a star both on the court (she won the Spanish League championship annually ) and away from the court, talking out recently about social and racial justice issues, police brutality and voter rights–causes near and dear to her heart.

“Today, I am only hoping to remain as involved as best as I could and have my hands in as much as you can,” she states. “I am doing things such as making sure we’re placing focus on voter rights and ensuring no one is disenfranchised. So that is where my attention is right now.”

When she heard of”More Than A Vote,” the initiative spearheaded by LeBron James and championed by Trae Young, Skylar Diggins-Smith along with other notable Black athletes and entertainers, she was ecstatic.

“That is precisely what we want,” Williams says of this company which intends to safeguard African-Americans’ voting rights. “We took [voting] as a joke back in 2016 and look where we’re now as a nation. I believe people do not comprehend the significance of this, but we have to educate people who voting will make a huge difference. Here is the best way to generate change if we like it or not.

“People do not know we are not voting for the president. We are also voting for our district lawyers, our mayors, our governors, our sheriffs…When we had another district attorney in Colorado, then Elijah McClain’s case could be opened at the moment,” she adds, referring to this 23-year old Black massage therapist in Aurora, CO, who had been murdered after an experience with the police when walking on August 24, 2019.

Williams can be utilizing her WNBA platform to influence social justice switch.

“The WNBA is the best illustration of exactly what intersectionality is. We are coping with Black issues, female problems, LGBTQIA difficulties and things like this, so that I feel like we are the most motivated and possess the largest benefit of coming together, particularly now that we’re in this bubble,” Williams states of the League’s protected area in Bradenton, FL, in which the 2020 year has been played.

“We can mobilize as a device, as a team and it is a very, very secure area in the WNBA since we deal with many distinct kinds of discrimination. I think that enables us to bond,” she continues. “Everybody was discriminated against in some type of way. I only need to be certain I am doing my part in teaching my teammates and my fellow WNBA players and let them know we could help each other out and share our tools.”

Williams, a French-American double citizen, has strategies post-basketball to participate in much more activism. She is currently working with the”ally-ship” app at the League, which will connect players with community organizers within their various towns, and is linking with agents from the Obama Foundation about other potential programs.

“I am only taking advantage of all of the resources I’ve. It is definitely something I would like to do later on.”

Meanwhile, she is preparing for the WNBA season, remaining positive and trusting for change.

“I believe we will need to remain motivated as we proceed through this [social unrest] rather than get overly defeated, since it’s truly exhausting and traumatizing to experience this at this time. I am only trying to stay positive and attempting to celebrate the successes that we’re getting out of the.”


Dorothy J. Gentry is a contributor to SLAM. Follow her on Twitter @DorothyJGentry.

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