The Inspirational Journey of the McGee Family


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A smudge of cake frosting on Pamela McGee’s chin was a fitting emblem for that which she termed”the best birthday gift ever.” An epic poem 2018 pulled off with her son, two-time NBA winner JaVale McGee, attracted Pamela into Los Angeles where she had been treated to all-expenses-paid luxury in the Ritz Carlton and a USC (her alma mater) vs. University of Nevada (his) men’s baseball game–every sporting a jersey to the various program that divides them to national prominence.

The group came at JaVale’s residence under the ruse he had to regain something. There, Pamela was greeted with family and friends shouting,”Surprise!” and “Happy Birthday!” The scene –from false sweepstake to tempt Pamela into L.A. to fool candles sparkling over lavish frosting–was orchestrated by JaVale.

“My mom has not had the perfect life,” that the 32-year old JaVale states. “She has always had to struggle, always needed to be the breadwinner, and constantly needed to do it . I really don’t think she has ever had anyone do something to get her such as that.”

The celebration for Pamela was a culminating moment of what she had realized and handed to her heirs: JaVale, a Los Angeles Lakers centre, also 25-year old daughter Imani McGee-Stafford, a paralegal expert at the WNBA signed with the Dallas Wings.

“They are carrying on my heritage,” Pamela says.

Her résumé boasts back-to-back NCAA championships at USC, the first-ever Olympic Gold medal for Team USA women’s basketball 1984 and an induction into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame at 2012. However, JaVale and Imani are her most significant achievements.

“When I first began playing basketball, I was not actually playing basketball to the love of this match,” she recalls. “I basically only played basketball since I did not find any other manner that my mom would have the ability to pay for a college education [for me].”

Instruction was always a part of her legacy. “[JaVale and Imani] were granted faculty scholarships that, for African Americans coming from Flint, MI, was unheard of,” she states. “They not only were lucky to find college scholarships; they finally could make a profession from this match we call basketball”

By era 14, JaVale understood he wanted to play at the NBA. Imani, nevertheless, started playing with her freshman year of high school about the varsity staff and, in her words, was”terrible.” While JaVale used faculty for a springboard into the experts, the possibility of playing at the WNBA did not look real for Imani till her junior season at the University of Texas, where she had planned by pursuing a Master’s in accounting.

The Inspirational Journey of the McGee Family

“Basketball for me personally started out as a way to an end,” Imani states. “I wished to go to school which has been the only way I was gon na na cover this. I didn’t think I was gon na na be great enough to play at the [WNBA].”

Before the beginning of this 2020 WNBA year, Imani declared her choice to overlook a couple of decades of basketball to attend law school.

Contrary to Imani, Pamela had no league to input after college. She along with her contemporaries sought opportunities overseas. Pamela played teams in Brazil, Spain and Italy. Four years later she won Gold in the’84 Olympics,” Pamela’s route became more complex when she gave birth to JaVale. Ever decided, Pamela–with degrees in communications and economics from USC–navigated single motherhood alone, on foreign land.

“I had been traveling with a 9-month-old in Italy,” she recalls. “At the moment, Italy did not even have infant food. I needed to create my own baby food.

“that I truly don’t understand [how I did it],” she adds. “I only knew that this was my livelihood, I had this life to look after, and as a mom you do anything you’ve got to do since you wish to be certain that their travel is far better than your travel ”

Pamela’s travel was fiscally filled without child support from JaVale’s dad, which she chased in court. “Forcing him to proceed to court for child support, if he would not have paid, they’d have set him in jail,” she clarifies. “I’d have my son’s dad in prison”

She chose her struggles, but the choice to get from Flint was non-negotiable. Census statistics from a 1974 analysis, if Pamela was coming of age, showed 61.8 percentage of Black women heads of family in Michigan lived under the poverty line in 1970. A 1987 analysis found that women heads of family in Flint earned $15,000 less annually than the recognized”intermediate” standard of living in the moment.

At 35, after over a decade of playing overseas, Pamela discovered her way on to WNBA courts, linking the Sacramento Monarchs since the 2nd overall selection of the league’s inaugural faculty draft in 1997 and then playing the Los Angeles Sparks in 1998. Until the WNBA’s beginning, she had been”always playing basketball, abroad, and from herself,” JaVale states. “With no assistance, no husbandshe had been so resilient. I admired that about my mom.”

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JaVale also takes pride in his rise from Flint. “It was not simple,” he says, crediting Pamela for ensuring that he had been the hardest worker on the team. To compensate for a lousy practice, she made him operate at 6 a.m. at the snow, wearing Timberland boots. “My mom kept it real with me by a young age and that I believe that was essential, particularly being a Dark [son],” he states. “She understood the Black guy I was likely to develop into.”

JaVale admits that he originally did not know Imani’s choice to exchange in the courts of the WNBA for law school classrooms, but today offers his entire support. In the end, education–as far as basketball–would be that the heritage passed on both children in their mother.

“We certainly [came at basketball] from two entirely different sides,” Imani states.

However each McGee’s travel is powered by courses in the matriarch: self-determination to follow their deepest passions and endurance to view them through.

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