Natasha Cloud Talks Fighting for Social Justice & Utilizing Her Platform


In 1963, thousands and thousands of Black Americans marched in Washington, DC, together with one of those nation’s Freedom Riders John R. Lewis’ words ringing in the background:”Get in and remain in the streets of every town, every village and hamlet of this country until true liberty comes, before the revolution of 1776 is entire ” These days, the exact same is true for a few of the greatest activists from the WNBA, Natasha Cloud.

Since the game clock dwindled on October 10, 2019, Natasha Cloud along with the Washington Mystics realized that which they had fought for many year long: their first WNBA championship. Following a grueling five-game show, Tasha stood beneath the press table to the court reciting the verses to”Dreams & Nightmares,” the greatest championship tune to get a child from Philly. A year full of blood, tears and sweat led to exactly what every young hooper fantasies of.

If she walked off in the courtroom that night, she had no clue what was to come. In the months leading up to this 2020 season, in which the reigning champs are intended to defend their name, the entire world shifted. We watched a single viral disease spread throughout our society, and yet another disorder –just one Tasha has proven to be alive and well for as long as she can recall –be vulnerable: racism.

On May 25, the entire world watched as people sworn to protect destroys George Floyd. For eight minutes and 46 moments, America got a glimpse of what it is like to be Black in this nation. Ever since that time, it has been almost impossible for Cloud to guide her attention to anything else. It is true that she has lived in and day out of her whole life. As it came down to whether she would play at the 2020 year, there was a great deal on her head past the game.

“It was just very difficult to concentrate on Breonna Taylor being killed along with her murderers still not being locked up, in addition to George Floyd’s murder,” Tasha informs SLAM. “It is quite tough to consider basketball at this time, and regardless of my status as a WNBA champion, once I take off that uniform, this is my fact each and every moment.”

For Tasha, that fact revealed itself again lately.

Before this month, the 2019 winner had only signed a massive deal with Converse and had been seeking to make a new buy. Excited to observe her triumphs, she made her way into a regional BMW dealership in her hometown of Philadelphia. The moment she stepped , before getting even spoken to anybody about what she had been seeking to purchase, the salesman led her into the pre-owned segment.

“that I couldn’t feel this white guy. His supervisor really heard him say it to me and watched my head and was like, I am so sorry. I looked in the white guy and said,’Ask me what my fucking project is? I am an expert basketball athlete. Fuck you, just take me into the brand new section. You know what? I will leave and go into another dealership since I do not need my money being invested . ”’

Even through all her achievements on and off the court, Tasha faces among the toughest plights in being a Black woman in the usa. More than 50 decades ago, Malcolm X spoke these famous words:”The disrespected person in the usa is the Black lady. The unprotected person in the usa is the Black lady. The most neglected man in the usa is that the Black woman” They’re as true now as they were then.

“It has been very tough. We are underappreciated,” Tasha states. “We are just expected to take hits on the chin, to stand up and talk up while still being a beacon of hope and strength and there’s absolutely no 1 checking on us”

There are no boundaries on the planet of racism. However subtle or obvious it could be, it’s the ugly fact that lies inside America’s history. For Tasha, it is what drove her into some larger goal when making a determination regarding the 2020 season. It is a choice that weighed her greatly. In the long run, she opted to dedicate herself entirely to social justice reform, picking out of this year.

“For me personally it had been, How do I be impactful from the bubble when I am focused on winning the tournament? ” Tasha states. “I want to become a champion of social reform, and that is what caused my conclusion, desiring better for not just myself, my fiancé and my future kids, but also for our community generally. Recognizing this was the opportunity to do so. By picking out, I’d be in a position to function as 100 percent dedicated to it rather than performing the 1 foot in, 1 foot outside thing.”

This devotion to social justice is not anything new for Tasha, that has been actively engaged within the DC community for ages. In 2019, she coordinated the Mystics press blackout in response to shootings near Hendley Elementary School in Ward 8. The company backed her since she left a concerted attempt to direct attention to this gun violence surrounding childhood at the DC community, and she’s always used her stage to call for societal influence on pressing issues.

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“I only wish to be a fantastic man, and I wish to have the ability to assist where I could. I really do take that obligation in understanding I have a stage and need to use this match in every way I could to give back to my community,” she elaborates. “At the close of the afternoon, if all I am doing is winning championships in DC, I neglected. Making modifications within our neighborhood, helping these children in any aspect, helping advance women’s rights in the united states, these are the main matters to me”

When considering Tasha’s march toward a more equal world for Black Americans, H.E.R.’s eloquent lyrics come to mind:”Generations and generations of pain, anxiety and fear; Equality is walking without any instinct” That’s what Tasha is, and continues to be, fighting . To make a universe where future generations do not have to worry walking out of their homes only due to the colour of the skin.

One thing most could agree on is that now things are distinct, and athletes throughout the planet are making their voices heard like never before.

“We have the capability to be the voice to the voiceless. If you signed up for this or not, you as an expert athlete inherit that obligation of being a role model,” Tasha states. “You inherit that obligation of being a voice; so I have always had a mindset of never needing to be under a microscope for a basketball player, I need it to be a mike.

“It is really mad once you see just how much of an effect we’ve got by simply simply speaking up. Additionally, it is a gorgeous thing, since we are role models for young children,” she adds. “The next generation of children will be those that actually change matters. Our creation is actually only hoping to pick up the bits out of the generation before us failed, and when we could produce, spark, alter and provide confidence and inspiration, then you are seeing our effect.”

Not just has Cloud utilized her platform to attract focus on this systemic racism in our nation, she has also taken her voice into countless marches within the previous couple of months. In June, Tasha headed the march in the nation’s capital along with the Washington Wizards.

“The present climate of our nation is very saddening, but I have seen periodic occasions of its attractiveness. What I believe is, once I went into a march at Philly and the other in DC using all the Wizards, you see folks standing up. You view our white counterparts stepping up and with their own white privilege, knowing they have it that they’re doing a disservice to the Black community if they don’t utilize it so as to enact change. Those are the gorgeous things when you visit a march and watch most of folks from all different walks of life coming together irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, and whatever it can be. There is no prejudice.”

Being a portion of the greatest women’s basketball team in the world is something which aids her each step along the way.

“The most gorgeous thing about being part of the WNBA is I’ve sisters out of each different colour that always hold me up when I want it.”

Tasha has become a part of history for Black girls in this country, becoming the first female to register with Converse because they re-launched their basketball schedule after almost a decade.

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“That is enormous. That is a win for our neighborhood, that is a triumph for each little Black woman on the market, each small minority woman on the market,” Tasha reflects.

Throughout the highs and lows of the late Rep. John Lewis called the”battle of a life,” Tasha has remained true to who she is.

“I will adopt being pleased to be Dark, for a girl, to be bisexual. I will embrace every aspect of me that you can not dim my light, and if you have that sort of mindset, which kind of motivation to keep pushing ahead, it becomes a snowball effect”

As she continues construction out exactly what this next year resembles at a new environment mutually devoted to social justice reform, she’s a significant message to young voters as we close the election:”Know the energy which y’have. Your age doesn’t specify how much weight that your voice retains or how much weight your vote stays. It is our obligation to do what we can to better this nation and that begins with voting and ensuring we have the ideal direction to lead us the way”

Camille Buxeda is a Senior Content Producer in SLAM. Follow her on Twitter @CamilleBuxeda.

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