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“When I had a buck for every time someone made a Michael Jordan joke, I would have as much cash as Michael Jordan.”

That is a quotation from Michael Jordan. No, clearly not that Michael Jordan. Another one–that the 40-year-old Regional Senior Vice President for iHeartMedia established in Lexington, KY, together with all the social networking bio which reads:”An ordinary man with a mythical name”

This Jordan really did cross paths with all the NBA Hall of Famer. They overlapped in a hotel in Las Vegas and Michael (I am discussing the iHeartMedia VP, stay with me) kept receiving calls to his chamber confirming bookings his Airness had created. The Michael Jordan returned to the exact same resort about a month afterwards and the front desk made a vital mistake.

“Somehow his credit card and my credit card got swapped,” that the iHeartMedia Michael informs SLAM. (We joined through LinkedIn, where you will find just 100 pages value of Michael Jordan profiles)

“At 5:00 am on a Sunday morningI have the credit card business calling me, needing me to authorize these huge charges. The charges they had been hoping to drive were six figures”

TMZ reports confirmed it had been the Chicago Bulls legend outside on a different golf escape, but it had been Michael Jordan in Kentucky who had been picking up the tab. So yeah, the card was immediately cancelled.

You often hear people say,”There is only one Michael Jordan.” That is really far from authentic. The most dependable online database indicates that there are more than 3,000 Michael Jordans from the USA alone.

What is accurate, nevertheless, is that the one Michael Jordan you have probably heard of does form the experience for several of the others.

Require Michael Jordan, the 34-year old data scientist in the Bronx. When he was in basic training for the army, the drill teachers used to create him sing”I Believe I Can Fly” from Space Jam.

Then there is Michael Jordan, the 38-year old builder whose parents are from Ecuador–“I am not certain how the previous name ended up down there,” he states. He is used to it today, but admits”it is somewhat unnerving” whenever someone calls his name in people. Just imagine the stares. (The exact same sentiment applies for if a Michael Jordan hands his ID into a bartender or introduces himself onto the telephone. Yeah… that is me. )

And think about Michael Jordan, the 30-year old self-described”cyber safety nerd” who is working to begin a software firm. This Michael Jordan was formerly in earnings and…

“I’d sometimes send’autographed’ basketballs to prospects or clients I thought could find it funny,” he clarifies. “Chicago was a part of my land so it is possible to imagine each the comments I got regarding my title. I believe that it was useful, however. If you lived in New York, I bet you would rather buy from a man named Derek Jeter compared to Tim Smith, right?”

1592357217 496 Exclusive Interview With Michael Jordans Longtime Agent David Falk

So yeah, there are benefits to getting the title. Michael Jordans sometimes get updated with no account for the simple fact that you can find, you know, over one. Restaurants get ready for the basketball player and wind up with the man from down the road. By then, it is too late to drop back on structures. Disappointment for the waiters and supervisors, sure. But satisfaction for Michael Jordan. (As stated by the folks I interviewed, the famed ESPN commercial which depicts interactions such as these was fairly spot on.)

“If people travel, all of my buddies are like,’Hey, set the reservation under your name so we get first class treatment,”’ states Jordan using iHeartMedia. “When I could meet MJ, I would thank him.”

It may be bothersome sometimes, no wonder. Michael Jordan, the 42-year old Dean of the Chapel at Houghton College, hears the jokes each week. (Understanding the confusion I Had elicit in my narrative by speaking to many individuals with the identical title, the Dean provided this:”I am sort of, like, a campus pastor, so don’t hesitate to telephone me a warrior if that is useful.” Yes, Pastor Jordan. That is unbelievably beneficial.)

Can you play basketball? folks ask him.


I thought you would be taller.

Pastor Jordan is really 6-3. Just 3 inches shorter than MJ.

Mike Jordan, an NFL cornerback who is played with the Rams, Browns, Giants and Titans, was really named after the NBA superstar. He had been born 1992, not long after the next tournament. (We will refer to him as Mike J, as a lot of his teammates do.)

Life With the Same Name as the GOAT

“My first brother, he is the person who named me,” Mike J states. “He is 42 now. He believed it was smart to name me Michael Jordan.”

The jabs utilized for to him. Now, it is whatever.

I bet you sure wish you had his money, huh?

He hears a lot.

You have more hair than we ever believed you would have.

Really funny.

There is another Michael Jordan from the NFL, a 22-year old offensive attack for the Cincinnati Bengals. His father and grandfather are also Michael Jordan. Growing up, he went by his middle name (Donovan) up till he watched Space Jam. He then insisted on sharing a few of the glory of beating the Monstars.

“I was like, You know what, this guy is really cool,” Jordan recalls. “The very first day of kindergarten, I said,’My name is Michael. Everybody call me Michael Jordan.’ The most significant thing once I was a child was watching the film Space Jam and watching him rescue the Looney Tunes.”

He is still Donovan to household and goes with an array of nicknames around the area (“Jordan,””MJ,””Big Mike”), both as part of the Bengals and through his school career with the Buckeyes.

After, when he was a freshman at OSU, Michael volunteered to arrange the meals to get a Super Bowl celebration.

“I purchased online and place my name and the shipping address,” he clarifies. “Quite a great deal of time had passed and the food was not there. I named the place and said,’Hey, I put a order for Michael Jordan.’ And the man on the telephone, I could tell he ran the place, said ,’Quit bullshitting me. I received a lot of orders. It is Super Bowl Sunday. Your name isn’t Michael Jordan. Your order was cancelled'”

They finished up with suspended wings from the native CVS. Not Great for the Super Bowl.

Big Mike really sees his name for a source of inspiration: To pursue greatness, to be his own Michael Jordan.

“My aim, to distinguish myself in the NBA Michael Jordan, would be to become immortalized like the way Michael Jordan is using basketball,” he states.

1592443700 614 Life With the Same Name as the GOAT

“When folks hear the name Michael Jordan, they expect the very best,” iHeartMedia MJ reinforces. “I feel that is a motivating factor ”

Motivating, certain. Daunting? Well, perhaps just a bit. Worth noting, however: Michael Jordans do not appear to look at their title for a burden. They do not wish to run out of it. They do not wish to conceal from it. To the contrary, they adopt it.

Many like it to the key reason that it is a conversation starter. And, needless to say, it stands outside. People today remember it.

“I’m not a very sociable man and could probably be simple for folks to overlook if I did not have a famous title,” the above cybersecurity expert states. He does notice that his younger brother, who travelled through a multi-year interval being known as Scottie Pippen, has likely had it worse than him.

“Since I am fairly extroverted, I enjoy with a simple entrance into dialogue with individuals,” Pastor Jordan reiterates.

Not one of the Michael Jordans I talked to have thought of changing their title or adding a component to distinguish themselves. One gets got the middle name Bradley and points out that it would not really improve things to proceed by Michael B. Jordan–shout from the celebrity. “I can only imagine that there’ll be a pop singer in a couple of years called Michael Bradley Jordan and I will be farther afield,” he jokes.

The remarks here and there are not enough of a hassle. It would be another matter if they might not successfully complete a pizza purchase.

The title they sign on tests –or even the occasional napkin simply to mess with somebody –may be inspirational; but for many, it does not carry pressure with it.

“I am not trying to pursue anything that he did,” Mike J states. “We are two completely different men and women.”

“I have never felt any type of pressure due to the title,” data scientist Jordan states. “When I played with IM basketball in school, my group wanted to brag that they’d MJ on their group, however.”

“I do not feel pressure to fulfill my title,” cybersecurity Jordan adds. “I mean, it is Michael Jordan. I doubt I will ever reach a stage where 97 percentage of the planet knows my name, my net worth is more than $1 billion plus that I have an NBA team.”

If he had a buck for every time someone made a Michael Jordan joke…


Alex Squadron is an Associate Editor in SLAM. Follow him on Twitter @asquad510.

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