Kyle Lowry Thinks Pascal Siakam Will Come Even Better


Pascal Siakam has been the 2018-19 NBA Most Improved Player. He made a huge jump in manufacturing and was a crucial piece from the Toronto Raptors’ championship series. This year, together with Kawhi Leonard linking the LA Clippers at no service, Siakam needed to step to a bigger function.

This did not appear to be an issue all season. Exceeding expectations, the 26-year old directed his team into the No. 2 seed from the Eastern Conference. In addition, he directed the Raptors in scoring with 22.9 points each match.

From the very first round of this 2020 NBA Playoffs from the Brooklyn Nets, Siakam appeared great. He made 20.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists per contest. His scoring was not as effective as it had been in the regular season but he managed to assist his team nonetheless.

Then came the next round against the Boston Celtics, where Siakam would actually battle. In that seven-game show, he averaged only 14.9 points per game on. 382 shooting from the ground and. 125 out of heavy. Of the 32 three-pointers he tried, he left only four. In Game 7, when Toronto might have utilized his scoring down the stretch, he scored just 13 points on 12 shooter efforts.

Following their disappointing playoff departure, his teammate Kyle Lowry spoke about the way this is going to be a learning experience for Siakam plus it could just make him another year.

“I wouldn’t be amazed to see him return much more hungry and ruining people.”

Lowry goes on to discuss his personal adventures in the playoffs along with the guidance he would give Siakam.

“For me personally, when we have swept from the Wizards, I read each and every article. I read each and every thing that has been said about me personally. Good, bad, wicked, terrible, awesome, and that I used it as inspiration. And that is what he is going to do…That is the advice I would give him is you examine everything. You return and look at each of these minutes and you see who is saying what, as you are likely to use it as fuel…I feel this is a learning experience, and I think that it’s just going to make him a better basketball player, a much better person, a better ”

Total, Pascal Siakam’s battles from the next round of the playoffs is nothing to be worried about long-term. After producing the 2020 NBA All-Star group, there’s just a bright future before him. With excellent leaders within his locker area including Kyle Lowry, he is going to have the ability to understand from this experience and utilize those classes moving forward.



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