Kevin Durant:’I Didn’t Care About Becoming the King of New York’


Kevin Durant was supposed to possibly combine Kyrie Irving to play with to the New York Knicks past summer during free service. Most of us know that did not occur, as they went across the river into the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant recently combined JJ Reddick on his podcast”The Old Man and the Three” to examine his decision to play for the Nets and return at the notion of playing the Knicks.

“I never intended on it…the press put out that.”

Durant put the rumors to rest, saying that playing for the Knicks wasn’t a part of his aims. He’d go on to provide a few of the reasons he never intended on it.

“I did not wish to be the savior of the Knicks or even New York. I used ton’t care about being the king of New York. That never actually moved me. I used ton’t care about being on Broadway…I only wanted to play basketball and go to the crib and chill.  And that is what Brooklyn embodied.”

To Durant, New York did not match his style. The glowing lights being in the spotlight was not significant to himas he explained. He’s focused on playing basketball and seeking to winning a championship.

“Brooklyn was what I am about. Chill, about the low, everything, we silent, only concentrate on basketball. There is no display when you return to our matches. There is no Madison Square Mecca, all that s**t. We simply likely to weave and construct something new at Brooklyn… I felt the way round February top up until March and after free agency struck, it was time”

Durant appears to like the notion of starting something fresh in Brooklyn. Though he is going to be playing only five miles from Madison Square Garden in New York, he will not need to manage the New York press and all the expectations that come with playing for a franchise such as the Knicks. After hanging out all the 2019-20 season recovering from trauma, next season we’ll get to see him to the court together with his running partner, Kyrie Irving.



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